Love – Momo will open the event

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What is the difference between the two? This round is a round of excuses for the season.

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Take several deep breaths in and out and release the tensions of the
Take a few moments to fantasize about possible doors that could open as you choose to release
Mentally visualize your life as though what you want is already a
Take time each day to add energy to what you wish to change within yourself until the change has
Have you been taught to fully give yourself to others, that selfishness is wrong? Adhering to this belief has created exhausted, overwhelmed humans who have lost the ability to think for
Once you rediscover yourself and learn to live with integrity, you will automatically reach out to
What do you want to experience? Recognize you are the co-creator of your reality: past, present and
You are encouraged to share this Please include the following when you do
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Missing Female German Shepherd

Since 12-5-16

Her name is NOVA she is 3 years
She has black around her mouth and eyes and tan cheeks, black outline around her ears, and spot of light fur on her black
She was last seen (on 12-5-16) headed West down Green Lake Rd in **Middleville Michigan***
But we are searching all over for her now!

Last seen wearing a pale pink collar but may not have it on any
Call/text with ANY information

Krystle (616)745-8684
Chase (616) 204-3989

****If someone does have her please return no questions asked!**** please watch for her in yards and running
Please pray for a miracle that our girl is found soon!

Thanks to everyone who shares our posts and continues to look for Nova!

Either go to my home page
Click the down arrow up at the top right corner, then hit save post, go into your profile under saved, click the… next to the post and share on your page. Replica Bags Wholesale

Replica Designer Handbags [Introducing the new series in the August event: Prayer for Love]

✨ This month In Asia, there is a day of love, a prayer day. Love – Momo will open the event, pray for love with the following awards:
– dress: alone Valentine’s night There will be a new stand: the hands are very close to the mouth. – Series: Bright Star Bridge will have a new stand. With birds and bridges, it gives everyone a new idea. In the costume

How to attend the event: Each day there are different costume topics. Starr has to break that headline and compete with his competitors to win the title. When the number of desire knot to the designated point will be set alone Valentine’s night and set of bright star bridge

Event Duration:
– From: 09:30 – to: 23:59
✨✨✨ Note:
– Upon receiving the prize, the desire number will remain. – Each day will be Kos. Free 5 times refresh every day at 5:00 – Unlimited number of times to buy extra costume (30 diamonds / 5 times). – Reward will not be sent automatically. Starr has to attend events ==> Select events ==> Check out the wishes ==> Get rewarded

Please help to tag + Share this information with your guild friends too < 3
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