Let the investigators, all the trainees create interesting

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10. The path will pass through the indigenous village of el pueblito and arrive on the cost to Cabo San Juan (where a boat leaves in the afternoon) or Playa brava.A taxi from Santa Marta or the bus station (about 30000 COP) to the park entrance might be an alternative for groups of 3 or 4 persons.With a large number of people it might work out cheaper to rent a boat from Santa Marta or Taganga.There are a few camping areas in front of the park entrance that charge approximately C$3,000 per tent. This is an alternative in case you cannot get into the park the same day of your arrival. The boats leave fairly early in the morning (anything from 9.30am) and tend to leave if they have enough people, so it’s best to get there earlier replica Purse.