La moins bonnemaintenant : il faudra patienter jusqu’au 18

Across all channels the campaign filtered the world through Oreo’s distinctively playful imagination. By the time the 100 day initiative ended, Oreo had achieved a 280 percent increase in Facebook shares, 433 million Facebook views, and 231 million offline media impressions. It had become part of the conversation.. Later that month, Time magazine declared it to be the of Mistrust and reported, Americans 72% in the Time /CNN poll fear that they see not a few isolated cases but a pattern of deception by a large number of companies. And that was before word got out about WorldCom, who announced that an internal audit found improper accounting procedures. Their profits from 2000 to 2002 had been overstated by $7.1 billion! And WorldCom said $3.8 billion in expenses had been improperly reported during five quarters.

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