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always say: but I complain of my grief and sorrow to God. < br> unfortunate to your life?
always say: and what compromise only to Allah be upon him and trust him, I turn.
always say: God suffices and yes, the agent.

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In addition to the amber accord, a fougre accord is added for contrast. To achieve the amber note, a combination of vanilla, tonka bean, labdanum oil and patchouli was used. For the fougre aspect, there’s geranium, vetiver, orange blossom, myrrh and musk.

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O Allah, send blessings and blessings upon our master Muhammad al-Bashir, the preacher to those who seek forgiveness for what God Almighty said: Those who do evil or do injustice to themselves, then seek forgiveness from Allah. Allah will find forgiveness, merciful.
O Allah, send blessings upon our master Muhammad al-Bashir, the evangelist of those close to what God Almighty said: “Those who preceded them of us are those who are far from them, br>
O Allah, send greetings to our master Muhammad al-Bashir, the evangelist of the believers, including the great God said:
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He nailed it. The home was photographed and featured in several international design magazines. Today his confidence comes from an encyclopedic knowledge of antiques garnered firsthand, starting when he was a little boy.

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