Japanese is an extremely subtle cuisine

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Hermes Replica Agricultural lands and farms in Giza in the project

Farms in the largest development area in Egypt next to the city of Tamiya and the city of Ayyat

Where the giant projects (poultry – cattle – goats – sheep – bath – duck – Saman – rabbits ), Appeal to youth: invest your money in the right place and to ensure your success and build a better future. The project of advanced high-income agriculture – your project is a farm and housing, the ideal choice for your future and the future of your children, where security, safety and privacy

< br> Note: This is not just an advertisement for private benefit but a propaganda for awareness. The price of the feddan starts from 35 thousand pounds 50% and the rest on the 18 months registered with the card possession, water and electricity

The company also provides workers + Guarding + veterinary care + agricultural supervision + supply of raw materials less than the market price + the work of all projects and feasibility studies for our clients + marketing + the work of the custody and agriculture contract

Address: 50 km from the field of shooting – (Fayoum – Giza – Beni Suef) – a process area and the population of a special query 01141255964/01090656847 Hermes Replica.