It’s prompted outrage from the press corps

cheap canada goose sale SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileThat’s the advice media critic and NYU journalism professor Jay Rosen gives Washington journalists on his blog, PressThink, when it comes to the daily White House press briefing.”Forget the briefing,” he writes. “It is already gone, killed by the president’s approach to politics.”Veteran Washington reporter Mike Allen went a step further on his site, Axios: “Quit going.”The daily White House briefings were pretty useless even before Trump, Allen says. “It’s low grade propaganda at best, and full blown BS at worst.”Why Donald Trump ditching his press pool (twice) mattersCovering Trump will ‘pose a challenge for the media,’ outgoing press secretary saysThe importance or lack thereof of the daily press briefing has been fiercely debated over the past few weeks, a result of Canada Goose Outlet the White House’s decision to move toward shorter, less frequent briefings before taking some of them off camera completely.It’s prompted outrage from the press corps, especially from cable television networks, who have regularly been carrying them live since Donald Trump took office, often to ratings greater than daytime soap operas.Last week, Canada Goose Sale CNN instead sent a court sketch artist to a briefing, broadcasting the comic like images of press secretary Sean Spicer alongside the audio of his remarks.History of the press corpsThis could all be written off as reporters whining about themselves; a navel gazing distraction from the legitimate news of the day. cheap canada goose sale

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