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Al-Waseelah Party Forward Ahmad Al-Rifai (may Allah be pleased with him)

Al-Waseelah Party is a well-known party between Al-Rifaiya and Waseelah. Shaykh Ahmad Ibn Abi Ishaq Ibrahim Ibn Abi Al-Faraj Ezz Al-Din Omar Al-Farouqi Al-Ahmadi In his book “Guide to the Muslims”, the senior members of the sect and the future of the knowledgeable agreed that reading it in the depths of the night with sincerity and refraction is Hungarian for the opening and cutting of the heart and continuous reading it, and God willing, to spend the needs and get the pleasures around him and his strength. He received this blessed rose in the presence of the audience for his grandfather, the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him after he read it between his hands and his flesh that whoever reads it every day is pure, God does not disassociate him and protect him from all evil and protect him from the Touareg of time and enrich him by virtue of his bounty and be seen with compassion.

Hermes Replica Handbags Hajaj bin Yusuf went out one day to hunt and saw nine dogs next to a young boy about ten years old and his. The pilgrims said to him: What are you doing here, boy?

The boy raised his hand to him and said to him:
O news holder I looked at with contempt and spoke to me with pride and words and the words of the mighty and your mind the mind of the world!!!

He said pilgrims: br> Did you know me?

The boy said: I knew you with the blackness of your face because you came Replica Hermes Handbags to speak before
And the pilgrims said: And he did not get married, so what is more of your words and less what he did except the armies flew from each side ordered them pilgrims to carry him to his palace and sat in his council and the people sitting around him and his prestige Almtron, including the lion and then asked to bring the boy, He looked at us The palace is high, and decorated with inscriptions and mosaics and it is very creative
And the boy said: “I will build with every rent a sign of tampering, br>
The boy said: Is the Koran escaped from me even? Ask the pilgrims:
Have collected the Koran?

The boy said:

Is it scattered until I gather?

And the pilgrims said to him:

I understand? > Who saves the air? And who perished in the air?

And the boy said: “Who created the air of our master Jesus, peace be upon him, who was saved by the air of our master Solomon bin David, peace be upon them. Tell me who was created from wood? Who was saved by the wood, who perished in the wood?

And the boy said, “Who is made of wood is the living creature created from the stick of Moses, which was preserved by the wood of Noah, peace be upon him, br> Tell me who created water? Who survived the water? And who perished in the water?

And the boy said: Who created from the water is our father Adam, peace be upon him, who survived the water Moses peace be upon him, who perished with water Who created from fire? And who is saved from the fire?

And the boy said, “Who created from the fire Satan, and who escaped from the fire, IbRahim on him said the pilgrims:
Tell me about the mind? And faith? Modesty? And generosity? And courage? And generosity? And lust?

The boy said:
God is the Department of the mind ten sections made nine in the men and one in the
and faith ten in Yemen and one in the rest of the world,

and modesty nine in women and one in Men,

and generosity Ten men in nine men and one in women,

The courage and generosity of ten in the Arabs and one in the rest of the world,

and lust Ten sections Nine in women and one in > The pilgrims said: “Tell me about the nearest thing to you?

And the boy said:
Then the pilgrims said:
Hallelujah comes the wisdom of the will of his slaves, what I saw a boy God came to him science and mind and intelligence such a boy

And then said pilgrims: > Tell me about the women?

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