“It is is not something that we can change overnight

Case said he did not include funds for it in his budget in part because of the cost. He said full day kindergarten for the 80 children expected to be in that grade next year would cost $120,000.”There have been discussions about this,” Hill said about full day kindergarten. “It is is not something that we can change overnight, but we are aware of it.”The budget presented to the board on Tuesday includes some additional spending for school sports programs.

Bailey, played by Andrea Witzke, who delightfully depicted the warmth and wisdom of a mother. These lovable characters were balanced by the wicked Henry Potter (Daniel Chapman) and his henchman Reineman (Matthew Raible). Chapman dedication to his role of a dastardly villain bent on thwarting George Bailey captivated instantly, and the added challenge of his character being in a wheelchair only amplified his performance.

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