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Q: Who will wash the dead and what is his reward if the secret is kept secret? (Al-Ma’moun). The important condition for the safe washer is then the knowledge of this matter (Ibn Majah). The beloved says (peace be upon him): Whoever washed a dead person, he was forgiven for him forty times and from a dead coffin like God from Sondos.

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Praise be to Allah who has restored me in my body and responded to my soul and authorized me. We have become and become the King of God. Praise be to Allah.

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After a three year hiatusintended to allow Whitney Museum curators to break in their palatial new home in the Meatpacking District, the Whitney Biennial has returned in very fine form, with an intensely satisfying display of 63 artists and collectives across two full floors and a few other spaces. The mood is, by turns, anxious and dark, even sinister, but also, at times, expectant, guardedly hopeful. Everyone is on edge.

Hermes Bags Replica For those who want to work seriously

Nile Group for Hotel Services

for graduates of colleges of tourism institutes and hotels, and to drive diplomas and qualifications above the average and higher There is also a job qualification (literacy – primary – preparatory)

Available 1000 jobs in various disciplines in the field of tourism for various qualifications of ages from 18 – 35 years, the job currently available: –


A large number of workers are required for the following jobs: Witter (Department of the hall)

Service (Department of drinks)

House Kiping (Bus Boy) Section of the Lounge

Security personnel (security department) There are security jobs in Cairo
esterord (kitchen section)

electric equipment

stevats hot water



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