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Mock Diane M. Morton Jerilyn B. Ott Kristine M. By Hossam Mostafa

A large number of honest citizens clash with employees who have no mercy or condemnation during the termination, documentation and adoption of personal or family documents or papers, and we see the majority of state employees not working strictly in places bearing the slogan ” Because you do not have an intermediary or knowledge within the government interest or did not pay tea or gratuity to the employee son
I would like to tell you a short story of a simple Egyptian citizen, who has an urgent desire to end his papers by law,, Not to implement the enforceable decision obtained from the former governor

Abdel Azim Wazir in 2009, and addressed the conservative citizen of the province repeatedly until 2017, but he filled the “lack of literature and taste” of the staff, because he is respectful and fair and clean does not want to pay bribes or tea, all his dream to end his actions to exercise his activity and managed to meet the governor The current governor of the neighborhood, Major General Atef Abdel Hamid, obtained his legal status and paid the fees. However, the neighborhood leader, who is the citizen’s project, did not implement the decision on the grounds of lack of some papers. The governor informed the neighborhood by telephone that the papers of this citizen should be terminated.

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التدريب Training

Training weekly saturday from 3 pm

For 4 hours and also available period ((morning))

Two days for the task of choice for each training

can change dates as desired الزمان time

========= > Starting from August 1 and for 6 consecutive months (300 hours) Practical and theoretical training.
الاعتمادات Credits
**** ******

Diploma of Communication Specialist from Ain Shams University

Certificate of Autism from the University of Ain Shams

Certificate of Practical Training from the General Authority of Hospitals

Certificate of Diploma Diploma Autism and Learning Difficulties

★ Certificate from the Diploma (Autism, Autism and Learning Difficulties)
★ Karenie Communication Specialist from the Guild And can be changed job title.
★ All certificates are certified and internationally recognized and can be documented from the outside Replica Hermes Birkin.