In one, he said, physicians denied any bias in surveys but

“Some very fascinating studies have been performed,” he said. In one, he said, physicians denied any bias in surveys but were found to have unconscious bias through a series of tests. Another study monitored the treatment of certain patients in emergency rooms.

Replica Hermes Bags This brings me to what I was casting for him before every brother of you must have a brother who is his guardian, His brother in Islam, and his brother in God, these brothers in God have many meanings, in which cooperation, and lose, and comfort, and concern, means helping on the matter of religion and the world that the lowest order that if the person missed there are those who ask about it, That today is what we have, if we lose feel the status, I mean Egypt to this request, and this is stated in the Koran, saying:

(Say What Oazkm one God that you two and individual)

[Surah Saba verse: 46]

(thenThink about what your companion of Paradise)

[Al-Saba verse: 46]
Two two, the Almighty said:
((God bless you) The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) ordered his companions to learn from him. He was an imam of the pilgrims from Mecca to Medina throughout their prayers in the mosque. The Mosque of Quba is the mosque which is in the appearance of the city, and it is the site where the companions of the Messenger of Allah received the Ansar of the believers before they saw the Messenger reached the superiority of the Quran, and the piety and sincerity, and the love of the Prophet Peace and blessings be upon you, even the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Praise be to God who made my nation like you.” In other words, a person is measured by those with whom there are followers who have attained a very high level of progress,, And humility and help, and standing in the dreams, altruism and sacrifice, the human is not measured by his followers in number, but their quality, sometimes you find in the stadium ball thirty five thousand, all of them irritate and Yog, to enter the ball at the end, was the resurrection, wonder what happened? What made people angry? Forty people were killed once in some games, and turn to the wildness sometimes, the Almighty said: ((We do not evaluate them on the Day of Resurrection weight)

[Al-Kahf verse: 105]

And this is what I always say to you: One thousand and a thousand thousand, our Lord Almighty described the people of the world, he said: “(young in God)

[Al-An’am verse: 124]

Another thing, our master Salem, may Allah be pleased with him was his brothers believers, they say about him: Salem from the righteous, the companions were all loved him, so they put him from the
his right:

This companion has advantages, incidentally, the Prophet’s companions Radwan Allah, each one of them surpassed my own This, in his courage, is in his dream, this in his life, this in his generosity, this in his stoicism, this in his intensity in the truth, this in his forgiveness, but the Prophet peace be upon him collected all the virtues, 300 doctors, and choose one of them be the director of the hospital, but if this director is not the highest level of science of all doctors do not obey him, but rebel against him, the higher person refuses to be subject to the lowest,A supreme mother and put him under the command of a man carrying a primary? Of course, will reveal the situation and shortness and that the difference is very large, the Prophet Replica Hermes Bags peace be upon him if not full in all respects to capture the hearts of his companions, so the poet’s mercy as he says:

and more beautiful than you never saw my eyes *** and completed you The women give birth

The center of the lesson, and this story is typical, shows the greatness of Islam, and shows the greatness of this Prophet After the conquest of Mecca for Muslims, the Prophet peace be upon him some of the Saraya to Mecca around villages and And he told them that he is peace be upon him but sends them advocates not fighters, and was at the head of one of the Saraya Khalid ibn al-Walid, and when he reached the destination of what made him use the sword and blood, signed a command that required that fight our master Khalid, although the guidance with him not to fight, And the guidance of his recitation of the invitation does not narrate the biography book that the Prophet peace be upon him when he heard this incident apologized to God Almighty, and said:

O God, I heal you from what made Khalid

How much in the Prophet of desire. Replica Hermes Bags

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