I said: O ye who believe! Pray to him and give him peace

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O Allah, pray to those who gave him the ranks, and revealed to him the veil, Jibreel did not reach him. He looked and saw what he did not see, and described him as a believer, Raouf Rahim, and prayed to him and your angels with love and honor. I said: O ye who believe! Pray to him and give him peace. Hermes Bags Replica

Hermes Replica Belts Oh God, Lord, everything and Malikah, and the Lord of time and space and interpretation, we ask you, O God, to create a fair and a destiny, O God, in the mystery of this great day and the ability of the good in the heavens and the earth, give us the sins of us, heal the sick and grant mercy to the dead. Of the defects, and kindness to us Yamulana in the written, and make your case on us to spend the loved ones, and Enough hatred and its people, and rich poor of us to enrich you to the Siwaak, and lift us the scourge of our science and what we know and you are Yamolana by you know that you are the most precious God the most honorable and dignified term, We are perplexed in our religion and not our religion, God That this gathering gather on you and disperse on you and trust you, O Allah, do not make between us a chubby and a forbidden, do not enter between us unfair and lame one of us oppressed, O God, we have obeyed you O God, we are obedient to you O Allah, grant us obedience, O God, grant us repentance until we repent and grant us good repentance. What do you do for us, O Allah, what have you done to us? Where have we been, O God, I have carried us from the sins of your cause and your condemnation? As she commanded us, and he answered us, as thou hast promised us that thou shalt not come In our time, our Lord accepts from us that You are the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing, and the Most High. Hermes Replica Belts

Hermes Belt Replica This Russian Sakharov discovered in his memoirs that the plant had special languages, and almost delivered it, but it is the wisdom of God Ezz says : The plants have special tones of acoustics, the Lord has a special voice, and the palms have a special voice – the ability of the Almighty – the animal with the ability of God Almighty has a special language: {We learned the logic of the bird and Otina of everything that this is the credit shown) [Ants: 16] This ant was hit by a man of locusts, which she could not afford Then came the ants came down the good man, the man of the locust, and came to withdraw them and returned to the workers, so I told them, the ants came, and the man lifted the man of the locust, but the ants did not find anything, so they returned the third time, The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “We have given him the path of good from evil, dates and tithes, Dilnah on the path of Paradise and the path of fire, and said Almighty: (which gave everything x Huda Ge then} [Taha: 50] Almighty said: {which} as a gift [man: 3] Almighty said: {Verily HD”This is the qiblah, this water and this mosque, so do the wudoo ‘, and the path of evil, as well as this khumara, bara, eud, al-tawar, singing, and the ignorant magazine, and do what you want.” [Al-Mana: 3], You see yourself, and the road tomorrow:

You will know in the resurrection that our offer tomorrow at God of the blame

And God is injustice and injustice is still the abuser is darkness – to Dian Day of religion we go and when God meets adversaries < br> {Then they replied to God, their rightful owner, that he should not be judged, and he was captured (The cattle) [The cattle: 62] One of the landmarks of guidance: A guide to guidance: {And guide you to your Lord Vtkshi] [Discontents: 19] Moses says: Do not be arrogant to us, Pharaoh, because I am a shepherd and you are the Sultan of Jabbar, He said: “Do not I have the King of Egypt and these rivers are running from below?” [Decoration: 51]? “I believed that there is no god but the one whom the children of Israel believed and I am one of the Muslims” [Yunus: 90]

And the features of the guidance Saying: “Let them guide us to the path of Hell” [Safat: 23] and the speech is either to the angels say: Take them to Hell, Delohan Door, open them the gates of hell, or speech to the fire tank, guide them to The path of hell, while the believers have been true to him peace be upon him saying: (The believer gave his home in Paradise in the world) There is no god but God, the lowest people of tents status of ten times the world:

The least of the king of the world King and ten Like her without doubt – but the subject of whip is better than the world and what is on it
but who guides this nation if entered Paradise! (The gates of Paradise eight: between the shutter, and the shutter as between Ela (Jerusalem) to Sanaa, and to bring it on a day of heavy traffic) Who guides these? He said: The believer walks in paradise until he reaches ElY his homes, from Huda the believer? God Almighty, but the infidel, it is in the fire Kaba Almighty said: (Vahadhm to the path of hell) [Safwat: 23] We seek refuge in God from Hell, ask God does not see us and you fire:
Explanation chest sign of guidance
{Who is responding God is to guide him to explain his chest to Islam and those who want to cause him to make his chest narrow embarrassment as if he ascends in the sky as well as makes God abomination to those who do not believe) [cattle: 125] darkness and distress and immorality and distance from God, and tear and dispersion and sorrow and curse, He said: “Whoever recites Allah to guide him will explain his chest to Islam.” http://www.cheapdesignbags.com [Al-An’am: 125] The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: (Peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Say: O Allah, guide me and pay me.” {And guide me to the best ethics do not guide the best but you}.

In Saheeh Muslim about Aisha as it passed: Lord of them, Gabriel and Michael and Israfil! Creator of the heavens and the earth! The world of the unseen and the testimony! You judge between your worshipers while they are different, entrust me to what is different from the truth with your permission. You are guided from the one you want to a straight path Hermes Belt Replica.