I know nothing about medicine

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Rupp grew up in Portland and ran many memorable races on the Hayward Field track. On a damp, pure Oregon evening, the crowd went wild for the native son as he won another one his second gold medal of the trials. I know nothing about medicine, medical research, not much about science or medical devices. So to kind of jump off into that world was intimidating.”.

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Tiny Dynamite. This mysterious, intriguing play by Abi Morgan circles around and around the same story: Two little boys, dubbed Shy Boy and Runt Boy by the girl who makes up their trio, grow up into Lucien (Tom Tansey) and Anthony (Phillip Brown), who loved her and are now, years later, haunted by her memory.

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Seemingly loose and free associative in style, “Experimenter” builds to an effect and, for all its humor or rather, through its humor makes a sober and chilling point. Maybe it’s not just a matter of people feeling they must follow orders. Price retorted. “It was set up to tide us over in case we get caught with our pants down and can’t get this stuff from overseas.”All this leads to one conclusion, said Derek J.

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