I just make things intuitively

One day at a time, we breath, we smile, we laugh, we love, we take time to nurture and Ever spiraling energies taking thought and intention Looking here amidst the life and soul of those we love, cherish and support we must then consider the actions of thought and intent and consider, (through thought, intent, or action,) how will what we resonate today affect not only our collective present but the lives of those Looking forward then, and humbly so,
We give thanks for that which we Receive,
We give thanks for those whose Presence we are Graced by,
We give thanks for the Beauty of each Being and Soul,
We give thanks for Love uniquely Shared,
We give thanks for having grace and a creative abundant life,
We give thanks for are connection to all,
We give thanks for each other and the Earth who nurtures and provides for us,
Looking into the Sky we see forever,
Touching the Earth we are grounded in life,
Having balanced the elements and following the creative Fire, we We honor our Ancestors, each other and our guiding Each day, reach out and touch someones Heart, what you give out you receive in return in uncountable and sometimes unexpected Know the basis of your Heart, treat yourself kindly, love yourself, be studious, generous and walk with an open Blessings

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high quality replica handbags Re: [Everything Pets In SCV] LOST CAT, near Bridgeport ln & Parkwood ln
OMG! She just jumped up and sat on my lap in the garden room, like nothing ever
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Brandy Sasseen Gibson 3:11pm Jun 3
I was doggie walking today and met this sweet lady- she had Just lost her kitty- I gave her the sites to go to, she just moved Comment History

Angela Chu 3:07pm Jun 3

Victoria Rose Howton 2:54pm Jun 3
Yes I think so

Jordan Roberts Designer Replica Bags 2:30pm Jun 3
Did you post to SCV MIssing Pets?

Kyle Harris 2:12pm Jun 3

Allison Vanderlip 12:55pm Jun 3
Good View All Comments
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Victoria Rose Howton 12:38pm Jun 3
LOST CAT, near Bridgeport ln & Parkwood ln this morning around 9:
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