What is the meaning of the word Is 1-1000 (underneath the comment)
– in the case of duplicates I need to speed up the day.
– Do not fix. If you have to cut off the

– do not specify the number.
✖️ Read first If you do not understand, please ask. ✖️
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Today is the game Nikki The first day of mobile games. The game has found the strongest guild to become the top pro player of this game, only one guild and only 6 guilds only.

– The first round is a subscription. Do not count on the race. Every player in the team to find a team of six people. How to dress up a line in the game by the forbidden. I do not know how to do it.

I have broken arm limbs, mixtures have to use only in the game (No. The line in the game

– Careers (Carry)
– Fighter
https://www.topreplica.net – Assassin
– Mage
– Support
– Tank (Tank)

– The embroidery and the team

close 9/12/60 (the team)
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