I am Mohamed Amin, sales and marketing manager at Al-Ameen for

Salam Alaikoum. I am Mohamed Amin, sales and marketing manager at Al-Ameen for importing and distributing computer accessories. Our company specializes in importing computer accessories and distribution for wholesale at the best prices, the strongest product and the best guarantee and communication on the telephone or on the private page and also through the company page.

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Hermes Replica Belts Required to work in the major telecommunications companies known (012) youth and girls service customers
Qualifications and Graduates Graduation
Interviews tomorrow with Hr Magdy from 10 am to 4 pm Conditions:
High qualification # Graduates only #
English language: # Good to very good
no more than 29 years old

Advantages: Salary 1500 to 2200 pounds to determine the withdrawal of English

Social security And medical and life

Five days work two days leave
Mobinil open line
Clear military service position
experience or without
Transportation (from and to the company free)
< > There is a requirement for a residence inside Cairo where the jobs inside Cairo only. Elly Ahabb offers brightest possible honor on Saturday, God willing clock
10:00 am to 15:00

of progress must be sent to CNN on
Mohamedmagdy201061 @ or possible Abat your message where the name and number Mobile
or possible offers in the company’s branch
35 a Corniche El Maadi deliberation floor next
Nile Badrawi Hospital after Salam international Hospital on the Egyptian Motor Company
Alldoralthani Imi.
daily from Sunday to Thursday from 11 am to 4 pm. Hermes Replica Belts

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Let us raise our hands by praying for the good of our nation and this is the simplest of what we offer to it
and many many just sincere intention to God and O Allah, O Allah, O God, O living, O Qayyum, capable of everything. Oghath our nation O Mgheath
Oght our nation O Mgheath
Oght our nation O Mgheat
O transformer and conditions around our situation for the best

Do not make our order in the hands of our enemies and saved us from our situation This blessed – O The Majesty and God We beseech you to save your nation from the state of Hell and negligence – which is on it and do not get angry with us, O God, and do us as you said in your Holy Book. {Have they not seen how many We have perished before them from a century M in the earth unless we enable you – We sent the sky over them and we made rivers rivers from under them – and we destroyed them with their sins and created after them other horns}
{And your rich and merciful God if he wants you to take away from you after what he wants He created you from the descendants of other people}
{How much our village was unjust and then we created other people}

How they left the gardens of the eyes and the plant and the sanctuary Kr M and grace were Fakheen
As well as other people and we have not cried on them heaven and earth (and they were not)

O God, we ask you with your strength and your strength and your ability, O God, not to be angry with us – as I was angry at the Children of Israel after it enabled them The earth and wronged themselves – was their punishment that angered them and I came to the people of the best of them thank you – and praise you and worship you right, O God, do not make our situation like them and saved us you are capable of everything – if you do not Tgthna you who will not us if you do not pity us We will ask you for the majesty of your face and the greatness of your power and every name you call yourself Of your slaves to save our nation and mercy and condolences

O Allah, And when his family and his family and companions Replica Hermes Birkin.