HyperGear dBm Wave

Leave the noise and distractions behind – enjoy your music the way you want to. dBm Wave helps you to recreate your inspiration space while you listen to your favorite music.

HyperGear Universal Dual-USB

HyperGear Dual Entrance USB Power Bank will give you the support you need for your device when you don’t have any sockets and will provide you a good source of power. This high capacity portable battery is very light weight and gives you a clear digital power indicator on contrary to the charging power it provides. Both of the USB sockets have the 2.4A Smart Chip Technology that senses the power need of every plugged device.

HyperGear Lightning
Charger and USB Cable

With the new HyperGear Latticed MFi Lightning Charge and Sync Cable, charge and synchronise your devices at maximum speed. This ultra durable cable is designed with empowered shear joints, a latticed structure and long lasting bending structure. Enjoy charging and synchronising your devices any time any place with utmost reliability and fastest power.