Human Resources

İnsan Kaynakları Politikamız

Bilkom’s human resources policy constitutes one of the main veins of our corporation in respect to the realization of our strategies. In other words, as nicely stated by Vehbi Koç, the founder of the Koç Group; “Our primary capital is our human resources” describes our working principle. In a nutshell, Bilkom reinforces its competitive capacity with the major investments made in human resources. 

Our HR Profile

“Entrepreneurship, customer orientation, creativity”, “Sectoral knowhow and experience”, “Openness to learning, dedication to continuous self-improvement” are the foremost qualities that describe Bilkom’s human resources profile in harmony with the corporate culture, to attract dynamic team members who share its vision and endless enthusiasm to establish a long term collaboration with the existing team. In the surveys conducted throughout Koç Holding corporations to assess employee loyalty and satisfaction, Bilkom ranks on the top among the affiliate companies.

Our HR Policy

As a distinctive distributor amidst a competitive market, Bilkom specifies its human resources policy with five primary disciplines in the most valuable asset of manpower:

  1. Assigning the right person for the right job
  2. Equal pay for equal work policy
  3. Achievement-scaled performance management
  4. Maintaining the balance between business missions and employee needs
  5. An open and efficient communication based on full performance

Recruitment Process in Bilkom

In paralel with the Koç Holding recruitment procedures, Bilkom places utmost emphasis on competence during recruitment. The open end questions in the application form contains clues to assess candidates’ competences as suggested in their cv’s. Regardless of the department applied for, each candidate is expected to possess nine primary competences:

  • Orientation
  • Team work
  • Communication
  • Development of cooperation
  • Result oriented
  • Creativity and entrepreneurism
  • Self- and colleague development
  • According with and managing diversities
  • Client sensitivity

During the candidate determination process, Bilkom prioritizes candidates recommended by employees in addition to the applications collected through human resources portals and the corporate web site. The recruitment stage comprises multiple steps such as telephone and face to face interviews, case studies, presentations, English tests, personality inventories, and reference checks with full participation from all management levels. Candidates are assessed in multiple perspectives through multistage interviews realized with the participation of the related management team for the position as well as executives from a higher level and from other departments. In this respect, the aim is to select the best matching candidates with Bilkom’s deep-rooted corporate culture, and to determine the ones to carry it forward.

In human resources management, world-class companies determine their price policies to support the company’s competitive power. And the wages are clarified with respect to the authorization, responsibilites, and the performance. Bilkom acts with the same principles, including a benefit program involving all personnel, and depending on the performance and the professional achievements. The career development plans for all employees are supervised and supported by their managers and the human resources. At all levels, employees are supported by intercorporate and independent trainings determined in line with their career development needs.

The Future of HR in Bilkom

Keeping a close track of the development of global human resources disciplines, Koç Holding and Bilkom in paralel aim for “the best” for their employees. In brief, Bilkom Human Resources Department continues to carry these principal criteria for success into the future:

  • Having the right organization structure and personnel quality in line with the long term corporate objectives.
  • Providing the qualified and acknowledged personnel at the right time during the selection and recruitment process.
  • Maintaining a competitive wage management in line with the sectoral market value.
  • Reinforcing the collective consciousness in the company through performance targeting for the adoption of corporate objectives by all employees.