Oh God, I offer every glimpse, breath and blink of the people of Heaven and the people of the earth. Allah is Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah

At every glance and the same number as he can the flag of Allah
First prayer O Allah, pray to our Lord And on our master Muhammad, as you prayed to our master Abraham and to our master Abraham and to bless our master Muhammad and to our master Muhammad and bless our master Abraham and our master Abraham in the worlds. And to all our master Muhammad and his wives and descendants as you prayed to our master Abraham and to our master Abraham and bless our master Muhammad the Prophet and the Prophet and our master Muhammad and his wives and offspring also blessed the Lord Abraham and the Lord Abraham in the worlds you are Hameed Majid.

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Take the study It is a small game feel them pleasure and joy not Balazal The strangest

The world’s greatest achievements! But they know what strategies and programs to make a child more superior with happier and fun socially and culturally not only in the study but in all areas of his life

The misguided judgment weakens its capabilities and its limited capabilities

Therefore, it causes him distress instead of joy and enjoyment of life and study. Instead of supporting him and helping him, he closes all doors of hope and success in his face. Help him to stand up

What is the best way to help your child, You are the beginner from here

برنامج The creative child preparation program: Back to school

Our goals God willing **

Encourage children to innovate, develop and discover their skills

Embodiment The spirit of faith they have

The development of their personalities and the correctness

The right foundation and mastery of skills and fluency in dialogue and conversation

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