He saw it did not benefit him because it is restricted to the

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The most important rules that must be followed in building relationships with people include:

1- Correct between you and God God fit between you and others

2- Psychological studies have shown that each person has his or her own pattern, and that the patterns are generally either a picture pattern, that is, a person looks at the world and treats it through a picture or an auditory pattern which looks to the world and deals with it through the spoken word My sense of perception of the world through his feelings and feelings of the interior…
Knowing the style of the person you are dealing with and then trying to enter him through the appropriate style to accelerate the harmony and compatibility between you and the establishment of the

3 – Put yourself in the place of others and then hear them speak what you like to hear and deal with them what you want to treat you by others

4 – Always smile, especially in situations and difficult events
5 – Keep your calm and coolness when provoking

6 – Always keep your thoughts and feelings of others and their needs

7. Choose your words carefully, especially in the first meeting and be ecstatic when you say your words with others And beware of the rigidity of the sections and the severity of the face even if your words thinner than the breeze

8- If the atmosphere is not suitable to talk on a subject is preferred to end the talk tactfully and postponed to another time be more appropriate

9-(10) The beautiful gift and if you are small and the fast to help others If you say, one of the most important means of winning Replica Birkins Hermes http://www.ssublindside.com hearts and building the relationship between People, peace and blessings be upon him: Tahadwa loved –

11 – Peace disclosure and greetings responded better than the key of hearts, so be sure to have this key

12 – To fulfill the promise and honesty of the talk makes others love you and if you can not Do them what they want

13 – generosity with Mysore, and if you say the highest houses in the hearts of people, can not get the human love of people is one of the

The simplicity and non-cost in dealing with the organization of life and chaos does not earn you respect other even if it is your enemies

15 – Cleanliness in the body and mouth and clothes and style is not exaggerated and sweet smell Which comforts the client and does not alienate you from

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