He said: Yes you killed him!
He said: How did you

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A religious story (honesty, loyalty and pardon)

Two young men came to the caliph Omar ibn al-Khattab may Allah be pleased with him and was in the council and they are driving a man from the Badia and arrested him in front of him
Omar said: This is what they said: O Commander of the Believers, this is the killing of our father. He said: I killed their father.
He said: Yes you killed him!
He said: How did you kill him?
He said: I entered it in my land, “Omar did not ask about the family of this man, is he from the tribe of Sharifa? Is it a strong family?
What is centered in society? All of this does not matter Omar – may Allah be pleased with him – because he does not favor anyone in the religion of God, and does not please anyone at the expense of the law of God, even if his son was the killer, to cut him.. Hermes Birkin Replica

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35 _ God, I ask you on your one Sunday, and I invite you in your name, the individual steadfast, and I pray to you in your great name Witr, which filled the light of the Holy pillars of the universes all but what I have freed me what I forgot it and become in it so as not to guess http://www.86hermesbirkins.com the thoughts of Ohami dust fear of others, It touches the intellectual sail of the impact of the hope of the Sawaak, reward me O God of your shame and punishment, and save me in the night and Nahari, and my sleep and my decision, there is no god but you to maximize your face, and honoring the swamps of your throne, dispel the evil of your slaves, and make me in your custody and care and safety and maintenance of your security, لطفك وكرمك وإحسانك, Glory be to God and praise, sanctify your name and exalted your height.
36 _ O Allah, O Glorified of the great things, and the revelation of the hardships of the worries, and oh the oppressor of the great calamities, and whoever wants nothing but Him to say to him, Be, the Lord of his Lord surrounded your weak servant Replica Hermes.