He explains: “Did not those who believed believe that their

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It is narrated from Al-Hasan Al-Basri that he once sat in the Great Mosque of Basra. He explains: “Did not those who believed believe that their hearts would bow down to the remembrance of Allah?” [16], And among them was a young man said to him (threshold) And he said, O you, any young man to the throne of Asi
Do you know what the punishment of the people of sin
Saeer for the disobedient her exhalation On the fire, he was defeated. Replica Hermes Bags

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in your doing what you hope O * O Allah, bless our master Muhammad and his companions
and prayers Taatfadil on every prayer
prayer worshipers from the first age etc.
God like the superiority of His creation and fill the balance and the ultimate
* Pray to God Peace and blessings be upon you – Prophet Muhammad, your servant, your prophet, and your Messenger – the Prophet, the Prophet and all the Prophets
and the messengers, and all of them and their companions – and the rest of the righteous, the number of your knowledge and the supply of your words. Mentions heedless of prayer and peace
permanent rest Bdoamk Bbakaik not the ultimate
them without your knowledge you are on everything * pray to God and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad, who is
Abhi from the sun and the moon arrived
handed the number of Prophet Muhammad Well
Abu Bakr and Omar and arrived on our master
Mohamed Number of plant earth and leaves * I beg you to you and you respond to those who asked to come and receive a prayer worthy of yourself – and the same Mahmoud because you knew his home and know the qualities of the number does not recognize

– T – Bswabg Nama first and the other and starts
for my tongue translated from the secrets of the word of Tawheed

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Specific to the attainment of Al-Maram in principle
* Oh God, prayers on the Prophet Muhammad Ring of Prophets
and metal secrets and the source of Alo ر وجمال
الكونين وشرف الدارين وسيد الثقلين
المخصصة بقاب * That Allah and his angels pray on the prophet O you who believe and pray for him,
and saints and martyrs and the righteous and the prophets and Masobh
you something, O Lord of the worlds on the prophet
Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Sayed and the Seal of the prophets and messengers
in front of the pious and the messenger of the Lord of the worlds
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