For instance, Southridge junior Josiah Carpenter was

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Port Said

Enter and choose an old apartment from Zamzam Real Estate Investment experts
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1 ** 250 meters in front of the dome at a price of 12 thousand meters of Zamzam for real estate investment
2 ** for sale apartment 90 meters conch Protex behind the turquoise seventh floor to the east front street selling at a price of 420 thousand 3) Apartment 205 meters high super lux in front of St. Mary’s School 3 bedrooms + 3 receptions + 2 bathrooms, top and not injured
sale at a price of 850 million and only 4 * 200 meters at the price of 750 thousand lux from Zamzam to invest Real Estate

For Sale Apartment 320 meters on the tourist walkway 3 bedrooms + 4 receptions + 3 bathrooms Mr.
sale price meter 11500 payment and 350 thousand and the rest for two years
6 ** Apartment pictures 140 meters next to Moka Super Deluxe 2 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms + 3 receptions

sale price of 100 million and a thousand
7 ** 265 meters oyster tower administrative control 3 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms Mister + 4 receptions sale price per meter 15 thousand > 8 ** 75 meters in the price of 650 thousand Zamzam for real estate investment
9 ** For sale apartment 275 meters inside the internal Super Deluxe 5 bedrooms with bathroom Mister + 5 receptions + 1 guest bathroom + kitchen 30 meters At the price of 1700000 thousand
10 * Opportunity 125 meters in the capital of Fouad Zamzam for real estate investment
2 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms Mister + 2 receptions sale price per meter 7500 conch in front of the Canal and the arsenal
11 * Brotex photos at 530 thousand Super Deluxe of Zamzam for real estate investment 12 * for sale Apartment 115 meters Super Golf The role of Alawi overlooking the army and non-wounded 2 bedrooms and reception 2 s sale at the price of 800 thousand
13 * For sale apartment 80 meters in the first floor of the first Super Deluxe 2 bedroom and tantric ownership of 3 carats
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