Following Oregon’s 2014 legalization vote

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Celine Replica handbags While the vote is legally allowed, “on a moral basis, it’s disingenuous,” he said.”To have the rug pulled out from under us once the ball is rolling seems incredibly unfair,” he said.The opt out provision for local governments isn’t unique to Alaska, but it’s unusual to see it exercised so long after alegalization vote, said Chris Lindsey, senior legislative counsel with the national, pro legalization Marijuana Policy Project.Following Oregon’s 2014 legalization vote, there was a rush by rural communities in the eastern part of that state to enact bans, he celine Replica said.In Colorado, at least 69 communities have embraced marijuana businesses, most along the heavily populated Front Range, in Rocky Mountain resort areas or near borders with neighbouring states. More than twice as many have opted out, according to the Colorado Municipal League.However, some communities that banned the drug in legal pot states have revisited the decision in light of tax revenues from sales. For example, the City Council in Yakima, Washington, last year lifted a ban on recreational pot businesses.Supporters of the proposed bans in and around Fairbanks, the largest city in Alaska’s Interior with about 32,000 people, and in rural parts of the Kenai Peninsula Borough initially hoped to bring the issue to voters last fall but failed to meet deadlines to do so Celine Replica handbags.