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President of MIU Sports Club, Alamin Bhai Manarat family has invited all the junior and older brothers to see the younger brother & Apu Khel, who are reading the previous and current University and prayed for Manarat Teams for everyone – on-the-half-of-Md Al Amin brother PRESIDENT OF MIU SPORT CLUB
Thankfully Tanvir Prottoy Assistant Office Secretary of MIU SPORT CLUB

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Story of a chapter of history lost in the glory of history. There is a lot of history hidden in the whole of Bangladesh. One of its buildings is the zamindari of Saha. It is a matter of fact that without the locals, little is known about this zamindar. No information has been added about this house or zamindar till date. There is a zamindari government standing in the history of 200 years

Bhima Sahari zamindar house, Ujnachar, Bacharampur, B

(Because the open spaces around the house are no longer open and unable to take pictures like mind and demand due to homesteading)

Bhashan Shahjarmarbari

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