“Events with Bilkom”, Your Digital Life Coach ?

Enjoying an offbeat business approach with its value added dealership model in the global scale, Bilkom organizes a variety of events for the consumers and corporations.

Event Types

Pursuant of its “digital life coach” approach at all events, Bilkom promotes educative, instructive, and target oriented contents in all organizations. In addition to the annual conventions and meetings with partners, Bilkom blazed many trails in the sector through legendary events in relation with the world of Apple, such as the Apple Days, iCan, etc…

Today, Bilkom successfully carries out the mission of serving as a platform which unites digital life coaches, business partners and consumers with corporations, extending in an even vaster range of fields and institutions from education to health, public sector to architecture.

Alongside the Digital Capital, Digital Aegean, Digital Life Movers&Shakers workshops, Bilkom’s Digital Life Coaches are at your service for training-consulting services and keynote speeches.

Images from various events organized and/or participated by Bilkom:

Dijital Başkent

Dijital Ege

Dijital Sağlık

For Information and Participation

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Any Event or Sponsorship Suggestions?

Please email us at destek@bilkom.com.tr for your event requests and sponsorship files.