We Take the Consumer to Online

The electronics retail segment was one of the few sectors in Turkey that was able to grow in the tough conditions in the last year. Bilkom, the leading distributor of global brands including Apple, Huawei, Fitbit, and Hypergear, intends to reinforce its leadership position in the three-way relationship of business partners, sales channels, and consumers.


With our 36 years of experience and skillful staff in the industry, Bilkom manages the direct and indirect distribution of the outstanding and leading global brands such as Apple, Huawei, TCL, Fitbit (Google), Alcatel, Celly, and Hypergear, to over 4,000 different vendor sites throughout Turkey.

The company’s number 1 distributor position is consolidated by the fact that 1 out of every 4 smartphones, 1 out of 5 tablets in the tablet category, and 1 out of every 3 smartwatches in the wearable technologies purchased in electronic retail stores across Turkey has been distributed by Bilkom as of the end of 2020.

Our fundamental principle is to provide value-added and customer-oriented services… For us, the customer consists of three groups, which are manufacturers and business partners, sales channels, and consumers. We touch upon all three segments and endeavor to provide the best distribution and manufacturer-distributor services.

As part of the approach we call ‘Bilkom Plus’ services, we offer customer-oriented services within the framework of a ‘win-win’ relationship, going beyond being a mere distributor of our manufacturers. While we prepare the market for ̧the brands that do not have a business in Turkey and have not been represented so far in our country, we also support them to grow their business by providing 360-degree brand management services.


As an open and experienced business partner for sales channels, we set our sights on attaining sustainable and long-term cooperation. Accordingly, in line with the current market conditions and technological developments, we focus on developing solutions for the sales channels, which are our business partners. Within this framework, we have recently added a new business model to our service range, which we call ‘Online Open Platform’. In this model, the relevant channel does not need to keep inventories, because, with our tailored stock-to-order integration, all online orders are now provided by Bilkom. The platform eliminates the inventory costs for the channel and creates a system based on final sales, and offers product diversity and easy access for the end consumer.

“We launched the ‘Digital Shelf Management’ project in early 2019 in order to measure the performance of the shelves at retail-sale hubs and to provide faster and more accurate shelf arrangement with lesser resources. Thus, while we become the first brand to manage its shelves digitally in electronic retail, thanks to this system, the product availability on the shelves increased by 60 percent.”


  1. ACCESSIBLE PRICE One of our major strategies as a manufacturer-distributor will be to ensure that consumers can have the most current technology at accessible prices. We have taken a step for this purpose through our cooperation with the global giant TCL TV and entered a category for the first time as a manufacturer-distributor. We set off with the intention to offer TCL TV products to technology enthusiasts in Turkey at accessible prices at the most affordable cost and with the distinction of domestic manufacturing. Our main goal here is to offer world-class technology to the Turkish market and to achieve this purpose with the distinction of domestic manufacturing. As we bring one of the leading global technology giants to Turkey, we also wanted to prove that we can manufacture the latest technology in this country, in this geography.
  2. SUSTAINABLE GROWTH We wish to remain committed to Bilkom’s sustainable growth objectives with our flexible and agile company structure and our expert team of professionals. We will be more active online in the coming period.
  3. INNOVATION Bilkom’s major innovation focus points include the initiatives such as digital field management, operator distributorship, domestic production, online channels, and service sales.


As a B2B entity, we contact the end-user at very few points. However, we perform brand management and communication on a customer satisfaction basis for the brands we call Bilkom Plus brands. Such brands do not have representatives in Turkey and their 360-degree brand management is handled by us. We listen to their complaints, analyze them and produce new solutions. Recently, customer satisfaction has increased even more. We have touched the end consumer more, especially with the TCL TV, which we have added to our product portfolio in the last quarter of the last year. With Net Promoter Score (NPS) metrics, we obtain data on how many points we have reached, the satisfaction of our customers at these points, how many problem complaints we have received, and at what stage we have transformed such problems into viable solutions. Our Net Promoter Score in this category is 9.1 out of 10.

Our service level for the call center is 97 percent, which means we reply to 97 percent of incoming calls within 20 seconds.


We operate with the vision of “Turkey’s Digital Life Coach”. On the one hand, we work to improve the quality of life of consumers through technology, and on the other, we intend to increase productivity for ourselves and our customers through digitalization in a transforming competitive environment.

Digitization has begun to shape our lives more especially during the pandemic. Prior to the pandemic, our business practices mainly orbited around department stores. But when the consumer turned towards online shopping as the pandemic raged, we have also engaged in measures to accommodate this tendency. We have launched the “Online Promoter” application both to support the stores that had to downsize due to the epidemic starting to shut down everything, and to avoid cutting off communication with the consumer. This is a setup where the QR code that we place next to our products displayed in retail stores leads the customers to sales representatives for information about the product and price, providing direct information and guidance. By virtue of the Online Promoter, we have made significant progress in maintaining distance and converting offline human contact to online communication.

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