Turkey’s #1 Tablet and Portable Computer Distributor: Bilkom

Bilkom, the leading distributor of the electronics retail sector in Turkey, ranked #1 in the “tablet and portable computer” distrubutor in the 2021 list of Bilişim 500, Turkey’s most prestigious research in ICT industry. The company also managed to maintain its 8th biggest company position in the ICT industry in Turkey

Bilkom, the #1 distributor of smartphones, wearable accessories and tablets in the electronics retail industry with 38 years of experience in Turkey, is a leading company that shapes the industry beyond offering high-quality and high-tech products to the market. Having kept gigantic brands associated with digital and mobile transformation such as Apple, Huawei, TCL, DJI Enterprise, Fitbit (Google), Razer, Meross, Hypergear and Logitech in its portfolio, Bilkom continues to bring new technology brands from various industries to the Turkish market in paralel with the needs of the consumers.

Grand Prize goes to Bilkom in “Tablet and portable computer” category at Bilişim 500 research

The growth performance of Bilkom, whose core business principle is built upon ‘sustainable profitable growth’, is also appreciated by the significant research and award programs of ICT sector. The innovative company reinforced its success by winning the Grand Prize in the “tablet and portable computer” category in Bilişim 500, which evaluates the 500 largest companies in ICT sector in terms of turnover. Bilkom also maintained its 8th position among the top 500 ICT companies in the general list.

Bilkom keeps going up at Fortune 500 and Capital 500 rankings

Bilkom was also included in the other lists that measures the dynamics of the industry, such as #141 in Capital 500 and #105 in Fortune 500 Turkey. And Bilkom ranked #4 in both surveys in its own unique industry. According to the data of independent research institutions, by the end of 2021, 1 out of every 5 smartphones sold in electronic retail stores, 1 out of 5 tablets in the tablet category and 1 out of every 4 smart watches in the wearable technology category throughout Turkey reach the consumers with the assurance of Bilkom, and that success reinforces the company’s #1 position in the electronics retail industry.

Bilkom suggests ‘Bilkom Plus’ services with the brands it works such as 360-degree brand management, business development, channel program development, licensed domestic production, consumer experience management, and widespread after-sales services that reach the houses throughout Turkey, with its value-added and focused distributor approach. The company takes the world’s leading technology brands to the Turkish market with the assurance of Bilkom.

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