TCL’s TV-Controlled Robot Vacuum and Air Purifier Models are in Turkey

Consumer electronics specialist TCL offers its most innovative products to Turkish users with the Bilkom Assurance, and now markets Sweeva robot vacuum cleaner and Breeva air purifier models for sale in Turkey.

TCL ( 1070.HK ) is a strong player in the global TV industry and consumer electronics market. The company has now included robot vacuum cleaner and air purifier models into its product ecosystem family in Turkey in addition to TV sets. TCL Sweeva robot vacuums and Breeva air purifiers are in Turkey with Bilkom Assurance.

Sweeva 2000 from the TCL robot vacuum family and A1C and A2 models from the Breeva air purifier series are put up for sale in online markets in Turkey. The Sweeva 6000, 6500 and Breeva A5 models are expected to go on sale in March . The most important advantage of the new ecosystem products offered to Turkish users is that they can be controlled via the TCL Home mobile application, as well as directly from the screen of TCL televisions. For example, you can give commands from the TV to start, stop or clean the vacuum cleaner. Likewise, you can control all features of the air purifier, from operating to changing its modes , from the TV.

CES-awarded 6500 and other Sweeva robot vacuums are in Turkey

TCL will be in Turkey with the Sweeva 6000 model , as well as the Sweeva 6500 robot vacuum cleaner, one of its flagship products that was awarded at CES . The Sweeva 6500 and 6000 models use laser navigation technology to map your entire home and perfectly clean hard-to-reach spots. The devices which are also equipped with UVC LED technology sterilize your floor, killing bacteria and viruses, while vacuuming. The Sweeva 6500 model provides ease of use thanks to its automatic dust box cleaning mechanism. The Sweeva robot vacuum family has a smart protection system powered by an advanced fall and collision prevention sensor , and therefore can be safely programmed and used even when you are not at home.

Breeva air purifiers come with HEPA filter and dual sensor technologies

Breeva air purifiers with dual sensor technology captures 99.97 percent of airborne particles with HEPA H13 filters, while the active carbon filter absorbs odor and organic compounds (VOC) in the room. Offered for sale in Turkey, Breeva A2 is both an air purifier and a humidifier. While the Breeva Shield TM Anion in the A2 model makes the finer airborne particles settle, the Breeva Shield TM UV-C technology in A1C and A5 models eliminates DNA and RNA of airborne viruses.

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