TCL TVs are Under Bigaranti Warranty

Bilkom offers the bigaranti insurance service in cooperation with Gulf Sigorta for its customers who purchase TCL brand TVs. With the bigaranti’s wide and extended insurance service, TCL TVs are under comprehensive coverage including theft, accident and electrical voltage failures, which are not otherwise covered by the warranty.

Operating under the Koç Group, Bilkom is among the leading distributors of information and communication technologies in Turkey, and has cooperated with Gulf Sigorta for consumers who want to enjoy TCL brand televisions for many years to come, and offers the bigaranti, which is a wide and expanded insurance coverage provided in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty.

TCL TVs, offered for sale by Bilkom with the bigaranti insurance provided by Gulf Sigorta, are covered against damages such as accidental breakage, liquid contact and theft. The products are also protected against malfunctions caused by electrical faults (damages that may occur as a result of sudden voltage fluctuations), humidity, moisture and dust. Available for purchase for 1-, 2- or 3-year options, the bigaranti insurance service also includes the extended warranty and covers the products against faults and breakdowns caused by manufacturer error even after the legal warranty period expires.

The bigaranti insurance service elevates Bilkom assurance

Bilkom General Manager Fikret Ballıkaya says that the purchasing experience continues throughout the lifetime of the product and that they always stand by the consumer during this period , adding “With Bilkom Assurance, a major part of the services and facilities we have developed with the value-added distributor vision, we set our sight on the maximum customer satisfaction, and work with the understanding of quality and extensive service. We stand behind every product we distribute with this approach. We develop services that protect the technology and digital life experience of users with the mission of being the digital life coach of Turkey. Thanks to the bigaranti insurance coverage we provide with Gulf Sigorta, consumers will continue to feel the Bilkom assurance more strongly. ”

Gulf Sigorta General Manager Süleyman Sağıroğlu said, “We offer special insurance solutions for many products such as smart phones, televisions, white goods, computers, which are known as consumer electronics. Bilkom customers have access to comprehensive insurance owing to our cooperation with Bilkom, a pioneer and leader in its field where it has added value to many global brands for years. We intend to successfully offer the appropriate insurance coverage for Bilkom customers.”

Consumers will be able to take out the bigaranti insurance policy by calling TCL call center while purchasing TCL TV or from TCL Authorized Services during installation.

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