TCL Peaked the Global Android Smart TV Market in 2021

As one of the leading players in the TV technologies market, TLC continues its global growth journey. TCL was the number 1 Android TV brand in 2021 with a market share of 20.7 percent among TV-producing brands in the Android OS category.

TCL, one of the largest TV manufacturers in the world, is introduced to the market in Turkey with the assurance of Bilkom, and continues its growth across the world. According to the “Global TV Design and Features Tracker” report of OMDIA, which is one of the leading research and consultancy companies of the global technology market, TCL attained the top spot among Android OS Smart TV brands in 2021 with a market share of 20.7 percent.

Based on the data in the report, in 2021, a total of 189 million smart TVs were put on the market, including 73.2 million Android-based smart TVs. Last year, TCL shipped 15.1 million smart TVs with Android operating system, ranking first in this field and achieving an outstanding global success. According to the report, with 24.6 million LCD TV shipments in 2021, TCL also maintained its position as the 2nd largest brand in the global LCD TV market.

TCL’s priority is to make life smarter with innovative technologies

TCL has made a difference in the sectoral competition with its mission to make high technology available to the consumer at affordable prices. The company continues to give the first priority to the customer experience and to produce technology to make people’s lives smart and more comfortable. Challenging the limits of what can be done with technology, the company helps its customers enjoy these smart lifestyle experiences with the products it offers.

This innovative vision manifested itself in the figures, and TCL’s ever-growing competitive edge in the market puts it at the top of the statistics. Accordingly, last year, TCL’s TV business unit’s global revenue increased by 24.3% year-on-year to US$6.3 billion. Notable growth rates in various categories followed the company’s success in 2021 as the leader in the Android TV category and runner up in LCD TV market share worldwide. TCL, the pioneer of the Mini LED category, achieved a major growth in mid-high-end smart screen sales volume. The QLED TV sales of the company increased by 53.8% year-on-year, while Mini LED TV sales volume rose by 50.5%.

TCL is also growing in Turkey!

Fikret Ballıkaya, General Manager of Bilkom, which introduced TCL TV to Turkish consumers, says, “TCL arises great interest in the Turkish market as a reflection of its global success. TCL has been one of our important focal points in the capacity of manufacturer-distributor since 2020, and its growth continues in the Turkish market. We reap the benefits of offering the best technology to the consumer at affordable prices. In 2021, we had a significant market share as a new player in the Turkish TV market. We are also quite ambitious in 2022 and intend to double our sales and increase our market share. Furthermore, with our after-sales and service solutions, we serve our consumers with effective and fast solutions whenever they need them. We strive to move our consumers’ shopping experience to the top with free installations in 81 cities in less than 24 hours on average, and our efforts in this area will continue to increase.”

Home lifestyle product range is growing

Since 2018, TCL has maintained its leading role in the Mini LED industry, and continues its journey with remarkable technological improvements in the brand-new TCL Mini LED models to offer a better watching experience to users across the world. In addition to being a popular TV brand, TCL continues to successfully strengthen its product range, including different categories such as robot vacuums, air purifiers and air conditioners, which have attained sales records in their respective markets to create a fully connected smart home using the best technology for consumers over time.

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