TCL Breeva Pro 400 Premium, the air purifier that eliminates DNA and RNA of bacteria, is now available in Turkiye

Introducing its most innovative products to Turkish users under the guarantee of Bilkom, consumer electronics specialist TCL Electronics launched the IF Design Award-winning new model of Breeva air purifiers, Breeva Pro 400 Premium, in Turkiye. The device is capable of generating a large number of negative ions with its anion technology, and eliminates the DNA and RNA of bacteria and harmful microorganisms, and provides clean air.

Today, poor indoor air quality is one of the most serious threats to the environment and human health. Using a new generation of air purifiers is one of the best solutions against this threat in spaces without ventilation and air circulation, advises the World Health Organization.

Presenting its product to Turkish market under Bilkom Guarantee, TCL Electronics’ design award-winning Breeva air purifier series significantly improves indoor air quality with its 2-in-1 feature as both air purifier and humidifier. TCL has launched the latest model of the Breeva series, Breeva Pro 400 Premium, in Turkiye. With its high Clean Air Delivery Ratio (CADR), the device, designed for areas up to 42 square meters, is able to collect particles from the ambient air in a highly effective way.

The air purifier helps alleviate allergy and asthma symptoms by improving the ambient air thanks to the 5-in-1 breevaShield TM System and Clean Air Release technology, including a true HEPA H13 filter. This high-performance filtration system has a 99.97% capture rate for allergens and pollutants larger than 0.3μm.

It can adjust fan speed based on real-time air quality

PM2.5, with the H13 Hepa filter collects and precipitates pet hair, mites, pollen and other airborne microbes; formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds, pet and food odors, smoke and other hazardous gases. The device can generate a large number of negative ions through high-voltage ionization with anion technology, collecting and precipitating small particles in the air to protect users from toxins and dust. UV rays destroy the DNA and RNA of bacteria and microorganisms for sterilization. It also offers an extended filter life of 2,880 hours, one of the longest on the market.

Breeva Pro 400 continuously measures indoor air quality and detects airborne particulate matter and volatile organic compounds, such as cigarette smoke and pet odor, using a high-precision dual sensor system – a laser dust sensor and an organic volatile compounds sensor. Automatic mode adjusts the fan speed based on real-time air quality.

It stays awake to freshen the air while you sleep

The three-color air quality indicator provides a clear overview allowing you to check the air quality around you. When in sleep mode, the device stays awake to freshen the air in your bedroom with low power consumption and up to 26dB, quieter than a whisper. Moreover, the control panel light automatically turns off while you sleep to minimize the glare effect. The Wi-Fi enabled version operates with Alexa, Google Assistant and the TCL Home app, and can also be controlled from TCL TVs. You can monitor the air quality in real time and adjust the fan speed from anywhere on the TCL Home app.

TCL Breeva Pro 400 Premium is available in Turkiye for 3,990 TRY.

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