Fikret Ballıkaya

General Manager

Born in Istanbul in 1971, Fikret Ballıkaya graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Department of Control and Computer Engineering, after Istanbul High School. Ballıkaya, completed his master’s degree in Istanbul Technical University at Control and Computer Engineering program and started his professional career in 1993 at Siemens Nixdorf as a System Engineer. Here, after working as Project and Information Systems manager, he assumed the role as a Marketing Engineer at Microsoft. Ballıkaya, started to work as a Professional Market Manager at Bilkom in 1997, served as Channel Manager, Sales Group Manager and Sales Director, in order. Fikret Ballıkaya was appointed as the General Manager of Bilkom in 2019. Ballıkaya, is married, speaks English and German.

Burhan Murzoğlu

Finance and Operations Director

Born in Rize in 1968, Burhan Murzoğlu graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Finance in 1998. Murzoğlu, started his professional career in Setur, operating under the Koç Group, in 1992, assumed important responsibilities in the same company which he held until 2009, in the positions of Internal Audit Manager, Financial Affairs Manager and General Accounting Manager. He started to work at Arçelik-LG Klima company in 2009, Murzoğlu served as Finance Manager and Financial Affairs Director between 2009-2018. Murzoğlu, possessing years of experience in Supply Chain Management and production planning, both domestically and internationally, has been working as Bilkom Finance and Operations Director since 1 September 2019. Murzoğlu, is married and has one child, speaks English.

Can Irmak Sağıroğlu

Marketing and Business Development Director

Born in Istanbul in 1971, Can Irmak Sağıroğlu graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Electrical and Electronics, Control-Computer Engineering Department in 1993. He started his professional career in 1994 at Bilpa, the technology company of Yapı Kredi Bank, as a System Development Manager. Sağıroğlu moved to Bilkom in 1997 as the Big Companies Sales Manager and assumed the positions of Education Sector Sales Manager, Product Manager and Product Group Manager, over the years. Sağıroğlu was appointed as Marketing and Business Development Director as of 2018, after serving as the Deputy Marketing Director. Sağıroğlu, is married and has two children, speaks English.

Onur Başkan

Sales Director

Onur Başkan, born in Istanbul in 1973, graduated from the Department of Statistics of Anadolu University in 1995. Başkan started off his professional life in 1999 and became acquainted with the IT world when he was appointed as the Sales Manager at Akora Computer in 2003. He worked as the Sales Manager at Data Teknik Computer from 2006 to 2008 and then at Kont Informatics from 2008 to 2010. Başkan joined the Bilkom family as Consumer Group Manager in 2010, and has been appointed as the Bilkom Sales Director as of 1 January 2022.