Bilkom’s new cooperation in smart home systems:

Meross is in Turkey with Bilkom Assurance

Bilkom announced its cooperation with Meross, one of the leading players in the smart home systems industry. Meross’ smart home products that make life easier will now reach the consumer with the “Bilkom Assurance

Bilkom brings the world’s leading technology brands to Turkish consumers with the vision of delivering the best technology to consumers at the most affordable prices, and now expands its portfolio with a new cooperation in the field of smart home systems. Meross’ products that shape the home and life on the axis of technology will reach to the consumer through Bilkom’s widespread sales network. Bilkom will be responsible for sales, channel management, marketing and after-sales services of Meross.

Meross, the leading brand of smart home products with its innovative products, reaches millions of customers in more than 20 countries and regions today. Meross smart home products are compatible with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and SmartThings, and shape homes with technology in various categories from lighting to energy, sensors and robots.

“We Want To Continue Our Leadership In The Smart Home Products Category”

Can Irmak Sağıroğlu, Bilkom Marketing and Business Development Director, says that they have expanded their portfolio with new brands recently, adding “We are very excited to be involved in the growing smart home systems industry with a pioneering and innovative brand like Meross. At Bilkom, it is important for us to deliver the best technologies to Turkish consumers and to follow current trends. We want to continue Bilkom’s market leadership in smartphone, tablet and smartwatch categories in a new category. The smart home is an important part of our focus and we are ambitious as we enter this segment. In the coming period, we will continue to offer innovative products to Turkish consumers at affordable prices and to shape life with technology.”

Meross Offers Technologies that Make Life Easier

Meross continues its rapid growth with its reliable R&D and research infrastructure and strong business partners in the sector, and introduces smart technologies to users with its innovative products and solutions.

Meross’ product portfolio includes products such as energy saving smart sockets and wall switches that ensure efficiency in power consumption in addition to smart bulbs and ambient lighting systems. Furthermore, products in various categories of home ecosystem such as smart thermostat, and air purifier, garage door opener outstand in the Meross’ portfolio.

Meross products have elegant design lines and stylish appearance, and provides great convenience in use thanks to its connectivity and practicality features. The devices have Turkish language support and can be managed by Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Alexa and SmartThings as well as Meross application. All of the products can be controlled remotely and allow time scheduling, voice control, remote management and customization.

Meross products will be available to consumers in Bilkom’s wide sales network, online and at physical sales points.

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