Locomotive Effect on Growth

Bilkom Bilişim Hizmetleri, operating under Koç Holding, takes the cooperation that started five years ago with the global giant TCL one step further.

Bilkom General Manager Fikret Ballıkaya said that they had taken confident steps and brought TCL’s high technology to Türkiye some two years ago, and since then, their cooperation has been flourishing each passing day, now reaching new horizons, and he added: “Thanks to this commitment, we had broken the good news of reaching the high rate domestic production to the markets; and now, we are introducing Türkiye’s largest Google TV family to the market with the new TV categories, almost all of which are produced domestically. We continue on our path with the sure goal of bringing TCL’s global TV market leadership to Türkiye in the coming period.”


TCL provides its products and solutions to consumers in more than 160 countries currently reaching approximately 300 million users worldwide. In Türkiye, TCL products were sold 1,3 million people to date. Stating that they are the second largest brand in the global LCD TV market, Ballıkaya underlined that TCL currently offers 22 distinct TV models in Türkiye, 18 of which are produced domestically. Emphasizing that the innovation rate and production capacity are increasing day by day, he said, “We see a great interest from the consumer side in the TV category which we have only just penetrated in 2020. Currently, we enjoy exponentially increasing sales numbers. And our growth continues at a rapid pace.”

Although the brand is still very young it has ambitious targets for the Turkish market, where strong domestic and foreign players are abundant. Ballıkaya stated that they achieved a 71 percent growth rate in the first six months of 2022, and added: “The Turkish TV market is expected to shrink this year, but we aim to complete the year with 100 percent growth in the shrinking market. Another leg of this goal is the increase in the number of households we intend to reach. In line with our growth targets, I am confident to say that we will attain our target of reaching 100 thousand households during the year. TCL and Türkiye’s largest Google TV family will be the locomotive of our growth journey in the TV category. We want to carry TCL’s global success in this category to Türkiye.”


Bilkom, which provides services in many categories from mobile to gaming, from accessories to consumer electronics, with global brands such as Apple, Huawei, and Logitech, besides TCL, introduced approximately 2 million products to consumers last year. In our conversation, in which he excitedly explained that they will continue to invest in regional expansion by seizing new opportunities, I ask whether the seahorse badge he wears on his collar has a special meaning…, he answers: “the seahorse has a slow-moving but persevering nature, and with that, it is a symbol of resilience, patience, and perseverance. Different meanings have been attributed to seahorses in varying geographies. Since male seahorse carries out the pregnancy process, it is also seen as a symbol of equality between males and females. It is a symbol that I like, and find meaningful, that’s why I wear it on my collar.”

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