Life Saving Drone DJI Matrice 30

The Matrice 30, DJI Enterprise’s new flagship drone series designed for industrial use, is introduced. Offering high performance and efficiency, DJI Matrice 30 is equipped with superior features and used in areas such as search and rescue operations, energy and construction sites. DJI Matrice 30 makes a difference in search-and-rescue operations with its battery capacity, flight range, ability to fly in windy and rainy weather or at very high and very low temperatures. The Zenmuse H20N, on the other hand, expands its scope of operation in search and rescue and industrial use with its thermal camera and night vision features.

Offered to the Turkish market with Bilkom Assurance, DJI Enterprise’s institutional drone solutions were introduced. DJI Matrice 30 will be one of the heroes of search-and-rescue operations in the new era, and its superior features of were tested at the event participated by AKUT UAV pilots as well as Bilkom and DJI executives. At the event, in addition to the DJI Matrice 30 drone model, Zenmuse H20N lens equipped with night vision and thermal camera and the DJI Flight Hub 2 Fleet Management software, which enables flight mission management and operational viewing from any device with a web browser such as computers, tablets and even mobile devices were also tested

DJI Enterprise develops drone solutions that transform professional life, help save lives, maintain physical infrastructure and protect the environment. Its new integrated solutions enable institutional users to run the next generation operations by harnessing the full potential of DJI’s transformative technology. Thanks to the perfect integration of DJI Matrice 30, DJI FlightHub 2 Fleet Management Cloud Software and DJI Dock, which provide superior performance, portability and ease of use, DJI enables them to fly beyond the field of vision, allowing them to enter the field of autonomous solutions.

Bilkom General Manager Fikret Ballıkaya says that conditions in industrial use are less important and distances disappear thanks to the Enterprise’s new drone and equipment, adding, “We move the flight experience of professional operators to the next level with new generation corporate drone systems. We place the high technology at the core of the operation with the new Matrice 30 series and other equipment that defy challenging conditions. DJI Enterprise’s new generation air vehicles are used in various activities such as emergency rescue missions, environmental protection, power line inspection, and digitization and protection of cultural heritage, and the whole process is changing in these areas. Most importantly, it saves lives.”

New products crank professional drone operators’ flying experience up a notch

DJI Enterprise MEA Sales Director Jony Ji says, “ With our cooperation with Bilkom, we intend to make our cutting-edge drone technology and innovations available to various sectors such as public safety, construction, mining and energy in order to increase industrial efficiency in Turkey and moreover, to save lives in critical moments. Today, we are delighted to introduce four new products to the Turkish market. Among such products, DJI Matrice 30T stands out as a practical equipment thanks to its easy-to-install and easy-to-carry features and offers excellence in industrial use with its zoom capacity, thermal imaging and laser range finder. The portable structure and superior features of the Matrice 30 provide temporal and operational efficiency in many different industries, especially in search and rescue. Zenmuse H20N sensor provides clear images even in ultra-low lights and offers a revolutionary experience to night operations. The fleet management software Flighthub 2, which is another product we have introduced to Turkey, ensures synchronization and coordination between crews, drones, pilots and all collected data. DJI Dock, a powerful station that fully automates the workflow in drone operations, constitutes an integral part of this system. ”

Drones: the “new hero” of search and rescue operations

AKUT Search and Rescue Association UAV pilots Türker Kuş and Orhun Azizağaoğlu spoke at the event, underlining the significance of drones in search and rescue operations. They emphasized that drones facilitate the execution of operations more quickly and effectively. Türker Kuş shared the details of the use of drones in search and rescue operations, saying, “As AKUT Search and Rescue Association, we have carried out numerous search and rescue operations since the day we were founded. As the technology developed the drones are introduced into our lives, which have made importance contribution in search and rescue operations. Drones with thermal camera have made operations with a large number of personnel safer and more result-oriented vis-à-vis the regional risks. It has introduced many conveniences to our lives including shortened operation times, easier scanning of the search area, more comfortable and safe mobility in night operations. In AKUT, we currently have 6 drones, two of which are equipped with thermal cameras, and 26 UAV pilots registered with the General Directorate of Civil Aviation. We closely follow emerging technologies and explore how these technologies can be effectively utilized in search and rescue.”

New DJI Matrice 30 stands out with its powerful and versatile features

The DJI Matrice 30, DJI Enterprise’s new flagship drone that fits in a backpack, integrates multiple high-performance sensors into a single camera and is controlled by a completely redesigned remote control. The M30 series have two different models, the M30 and the M30T, enabling professionals to fly beyond their immediate surroundings and achieving superior performance with a range of up to 15 kilometers.

Thanks to the upgraded Pilot 2 software that significantly improves the flight experience, it offers even more power, durability and capability for challenging professional use. DJI Matrice 30 has a compact size, and is easy to carry and quick to set up, making it an ideal solution for use by entities.

MT30 model is equipped with a zoom camera with 48-megapixel 1/2″ CMOS sensor supporting 5×~16× optical and 200x digital zoom sensor, 12-megapixel wide-angle camera, 8K photo and 4K/30 FPS video resolution, and a laser rangefinder that gives precise coordinates of objects up to 1,200 meters. The M30T additionally incorporates a 640 x 512-pixel radiometric thermal camera.

With its IP55 standard protection, it offers exceptional performance in harsh conditions such as heavy rain, wind, snow, ice and high altitudes and at extreme temperatures from -20°C to 50°C. The DJI M30, which can also be used in low-light conditions, enables the successful completion of challenging tasks with its built-in backup systems, emergency landing, system status management and six-way obstacle clearance sensors.

Thanks to OcuSync 3 communication system with four-antenna, it can operate even in challenging working and complex terrain conditions. Its foldable and lightweight design make it is easy to open, put together and carry, unlike other commercial drones. The self-heating TB30 battery design supports minimum 400 charge cycles and allows a flight time of 41 minutes. The smart BS30 charging box enables fast battery charging, which can reach from 20 percent to 90 percent in 30 minutes. Thanks to its self-locking system, it can be folded with the push of a single button. These features make the DJI M30 the fastest and easiest to set up high-performance DJI Enterprise drone.

New cloud based DJI FlightHub 2 fleet management software of the device for remote and unattended operations and seamless integration with DJI Dock offer efficiency and innovation for numerous industries. The new DJI RC Plus remote control meets the high expectations of professional pilots. The DJI RC Plus is equipped with a 7-inch high-resolution display enabling pilots see more visual information thanks to an impressive brightness. The DJI RC Plus, which has IP54 certification, can be used in heavy rain, as the M30. DJI FlightHub 2, which is the fleet management software of DJI Enterprise, ensures synchronization and coordination between ground crews, drones, pilots and all collected data. DJI FlightHub 2 is now completely cloud-based, and enables flight mission management and operational viewing from any device with a web browser, such as computers, tablets and even mobile devices, and even remote control. The product also supports mapping features that allow them to quickly respond to emerging situations.

Night missions can be run smoothly with the Zenmuse H20N

In addition to the new M30 series ecosystem, DJI has also announced the Zenmuse H20N sensor, which was specially designed for DJI M300 RTK drone. The Zenmuse H20N is equipped with a night vision camera, a hybrid zoom and thermal imaging camera, and a laser rangefinder that can be used with the M300 RTK, offering a revolutionary experience to night operations. It provides clear images even in extremely low lights. It also raises the bar for search and rescue operations or emergencies that require immediate detection. Zenmuse H20N combines a night vision with maximum results in low-light environments up to 0.0001 lux, the 20x hybrid optical zoom, thermal imaging camera with 640 x 512 resolution, 2x \ 8x optical zoom and laser rangefinder with a range of 1,200 meters.

New products are in Turkey
DJI’s new products, which revolutionize the field of institutional use, are available at authorized dealers across Turkey under the Bilkom Assurance.

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