Turkey’s Leader, A Global Player

Koç Holding has successfully distinguished itself from its competitors by taking responsibility in many breakthroughs from 1926 to the present, from Turkey’s industrialization to globalization, and has always been the pioneer. The company accomplished many first-of-its-kind implementations such as the establishment of the first joint stock company in Turkey, the first industrial venture, the first international partnership, and the first public offering.

In addition to its turnover and exports, Koç Group is Turkey’s largest conglomerate with its share in Istanbul Stock Exchange, the taxes paid and the employment it creates. The Group is the driving force of the Turkish economy with its combined turnover corresponding to 6% of the national GDP and 7% share in the country’s exports.

Increasing its consolidated net profit by an average of 21% in TL units over the last five years, Koç Holding is the only Turkish company in the Fortune Global 500 list. With strong competitive edge, Koç Holding holds leading positions in various industries including energy, automotive, consumer durables and finance, which present immense growth potential in the long term.

Koç Group carries out its activities at international standards pillaring on an understanding of corporate governance, customer satisfaction, sustainability and social responsibility.

Our principles

Customer is King.
Our priority is to create value for our customers and to meet their expectations with quality and reliability. It is our duty to stand behind our products and to be with our customers after sales.

It is our essential goal to always be “the best”.
Our main goal is to be the best in quality, service, supply resources and dealer relations, investment options offered to shareholders, and to preserve the standing we have in the eyes of the society. In order to achieve this goal, it is our fundamental principle to assume the steering in the fields in which we operate and to be the leader in the market.

Our most important capital is our human resource.
The quality of our products and services begins with the quality of our employees. Attracting and employing the best personnel and adult workforce to our community, to make maximum use of the talents, strength and creativity of our people; increasing their productivity, enabling them to develop, creating a working environment where cooperation and solidarity flourish is the way we have chosen to ensure the continuity of Koç Group for generations.

Our aim is to create resources for our continuous improvement.
To be able to make the necessary investments in order to ensure the continuity of our service; to provide the investors’ rightful profit to the shareholders in order to encourage the union of small and large savings; it is one of our main principles to create resources from our activities to help the economic and social development of our employees and the society, by ensuring the rational use of all these resources and not to compromise on extravagance.

It is our motto to comply with superior business ethics and honest business principles.
It is our principle to act in good faith and understanding in all our relationships, in order to provide fair and mutual benefit, and to always comply with the laws and ethics. Fulfilling our responsibilities towards today’s people and future generations is another fundamental principle that we pioneer and we will never give up. It is our duty to act with environmental protection awareness and to spread this awareness across Turkey and the world.