We are a New Generation Company

As Bilkom, we are a new generation company with 35 years of experience. We are a young, smart, passionate family. We are the #1 distributor of smartphones, wearables and tablets in the electronics retail industry. We work as a result-oriented and shoulder-to-shoulder team in order to provide the best service in this field where we are positioned ourselves as “Turkey’s Digital Life Coach”.

Write Your Own Success Story

What kind of career awaits you at Bilkom? As a matter of fact, it’s entirely up to you. Because your manager helps you set your career goals and plan your development journey and leaves the rest to you. We are on the way to create a strong team that is competent and willing to take responsibility and stay in the game. We are learning together.

Work for a Company that Cares About You

We care about you, not just what you do. We believe that every employee is an integral part of our success and we always value their ideas. Open communication is a must for our team, 76% of whom are millennials. As Bilkom, we were deemed worthy of the “Best Employer” award at the Kincentric Turkey 2019 Best Employers program. Take your place at Bilkom, which respects the values ​​of all its employees.

Our Human Resources Policy

Bilkom’s human resources policy is one of the main arteries in terms of realization of company strategies.

Bilkom considers its investment in human resources as the assurance of the current and future success of the company. In other words, Bilkom operates with the principle ‘human resources is our most important capital’, as best expressed by Vehbi Koç, the founder of the Koç Group.

Bilkom embraces the following 5 basic disciplines in its workforce, which is its most valuable resource, as a distributor that makes a difference in a competitive market:

  1. Assign the right person for the right job
  2. Equal work, equal pay policy
  3. Performance management based on development and achievement, where the focal point is the dialogue between manager and employee
  4. Maintain a balance between business goals and employee needs
  5. Open and effective communication based on full information

Our Human Resources Profile

Bilkom has designed its human resources profile to attract team mates who fit to the corporate culture and share the vision and never – ending enthusiasm of the company, come from digital world and are able to develop fast solutions by using digital systems, have adopted open and constructive attitude in communication and thus are successful in relationship management, perform their duties in accordance with agile work principles, can take initiatives and have the ability to manage their roles with intentions to contribute to financial performance of the company and to have long term cooperation with its current employees. In this profile, following values are prominent:

Have ‘Union of Force‘, which is formed by combining knowledge and skills to achieve the goals.

Be ‘We-centric’, achieved by looking out for total benefits with the team and stakeholders observing the win – win understanding in decision making process.

Always ‘Stay in game’ to be constantly aware of the dynamics of the sector and the company and to adapt to new conditions.

Have ‘Goodwill’ to maintain a constructive attitude in the Bilkom world.

Be “Open and Clear’ to embrace with tolerance the knowledge and different ideas which may affect the business.

Bilkom is always outstands in the surveys conducted by Koç Group to measure employee loyalty and satisfaction by internationally credible research companies.

Recruitment Process at Bilkom

The most fundamental priority of Bilkom in recruitment is competencies. Regardless of the department the candidates are considered for, they are expected to have the following five core competencies:

  • Be creative and innovative
  • Have an analytical perspective
  • Take the initiative
  • Be agile
  • Have strong communication skills
  • In the nomination process, Bilkom gives priority to the candidates recommended by its employees, in addition to the applications collected through human resources websites and corporate web pages.

Whereas in the recruitment process, many steps are involved with the participation of managers from all levels, such as online and face-to-face interviews, presentations, English tests, personality inventories, reference checks. By this way, selection of the candidates who are suitable for Bilkom’s established corporate culture and who will carry this culture further is ensured.

In human resources management, wage policies are determined in a way that supports the competitive edge of the company. The employees’ wage levels are determined taking into account their authorities, responsibilities and performance. Covering every employee, a rewarding system, which varies based on performance, success at work and conformity with company values, is also implemented.

The career development plans of the employees are conducted with the supervision and assistance of their managers and human resources department. Employees at all levels are supported with trainings, both in-house and external, according to the needs identified in line with their career development.

The Future of Human Resources at Bilkom

Bilkom Human Resources Department continues to carry the following main success criteria into the future:

  • Continue to be a new generation company which has the right structure (organizational chart) and employee quality with which the company can realize its long-term goals with a perspective of quality rather than quantity.
  • Recruit competent and expert employees on timely basis in the selection and placement process.
  • Make the wage management competitive considering the sectoral market value.
  • Increase the collective awareness of the company with the performance targets given for the adoption of the company goals by all employees.

For your applications, please send your up-to-date resume to: basvuru@bilkom.com.tr

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