Bilkom’s Value-Added and Focused Distributor Vision: Bilkom Plus

In the sector, Bilkom is one of the leading Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) distributors in Turkey with its 38 years of long-standing past, extensive knowledge and experience, professional collaborations based on many years and its expert staff in the field of Information Technologies. The company offers value added and focused services for the world’s leading brands in its portfolio, including Apple, Huawei, TCL, DJI Enterprise, Fitbit (Google), Alcatel, Logitech, and Hypergear.

Most recently, Razer, the leading brand of the gaming world, is included in the Bilkom’s portfolio. Bilkom expresses under the ‘Bilkom Plus’ approach all of the services it provides to the global partner brands based on the ‘win-win’ relationship, and positions itself as a consultant-partner. As a part of this vision, Bilkom Plus stands out as the most fundamental feature that distinguishes the company from the competition in the way it conducts business. Global brands desiring to enter the Turkish market effectively benefit from Bilkom Plus Services by choosing all or some of these services.

With Bilkom Plus services, the company offers its stakeholders an inclusive package consisting of 360-degree brand management, business development, channel program development, after-sales services, consumer experience management, and customer-focused services.

With Bilkom Plus, brand management from A to Z

Bilkom prepares the market also for brands that do not have an organization and representation in Turkey until now. The company also performs 360-degree brand management for the brand by performing market research, field operations, digital and conventional media planning and implementation, PR and digital communication support. Bilkom acts as the Turkish office of the brand and carries out the entire process from beginning to end with its expert staff, and also offers channel development and channel management services for brands that wish to have such services, and provides business development support through different projects and partnerships to enter new channels. Bilkom also handles the consumer experience management process, and assumes a strong bridge position between brands and consumers. Bilkom also organizes the production process with strong local partners, in case a brand that is interested in the Turkish market needs it. A prime example of this service is the Bilkom’s cooperation with world giant TCL, which commenced co-production in Turkey in 2020. TCL, one of the largest TV makers in the world, manufactures TVs in Turkey with Bilkom Assurance.

Technology brands are introduced to consumers with Bilkom Assurance

A Koç Group company standing out as an agile and fast-growing organization, Bilkom is the number 1 distributor of smartphones, wearable accessories and tablets in the electronics retail industry. As of the end of 2021, 1 out of every 5 smartphones and tablets sold in electronic retail stores and 1 out of every 4 smart watches across Turkey are purchased from Bilkom, confirming this leadership.

With its long-standing knowledge and experience, Bilkom stands by every product it supplies as per its ‘Bilkom Assurance‘, which has different meanings for suppliers, sales channels and end users and creates an important privilege for each target audience to prefer Bilkom.

Thanks to its strong financial structure and experience in the sector, Bilkom is a reliable business partner for global giant technology brands. With its 38 years of experience, fully competent and expert staff, the company produces the right solutions and places the brands in a strong position in the Turkish market. Bilkom ensures that the products of such brands reach to over 4000 sales points in 81 provinces, including Turkey’s largest technology markets and the biggest e-commerce platforms.

While taking fast and effective steps towards the needs of sales channels, the company literally makes you feel the ‘Bilkom Assurance’ with its product supply, logistics, payment terms and after sales.

For the final user, Bilkom Assurance means being a part of a large family with hundreds of thousands of members. Bilkom offers high-quality and high-tech products to the market and confidently stands behind all the products it sells. With its post-sales customer satisfaction-oriented approach, the company produces fast and effective solutions in areas such as service, repair and installation. Bilkom reaps the rewards of this approach with a customer satisfaction rate of 94.6%.

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