Bilkom Grows with The Vision of Serving as a Value-Added Distributor

Stating that Bilkom operates with an understanding of always providing value-added services, Bilkom Sales Director Onur Başkan said: “With our business philosophy that aims to deliver ‘added-value’ to everyone we touch, we provide efficient solutions and services with our enriched innovative edge that make a difference for all our stakeholders.”

We talked with Onur Başkan, Sales Director of Bilkom, which is among the fastest growing companies in Türkiye with its impressive strategies, about the secrets of success.

Can we hear from you about the activities of Bilkom, one of the leading distributors of the electronics retail industry with over 35 years of experience?

Bilkom brings the world’s leading technology brands to Türkiye with its 38 years of experience and expert staff within the organization of Koç Group. Our portfolio of brands includes Apple, Huawei, TCL, DJI Enterprise, Fitbit (Google), Alcatel, Logitech, Hypergear, Razer and Meross which shape the world’s digital and mobile transformation. We, directly and indirectly, distribute the products of these brands to four thousand plus online and physical sales points nationwide Türkiye. Consumers reach an average of 2 million products per year with Bilkom Assurance, and we are positioned in the market as one of Türkiye’s leading Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) distributors.

However, we never position ourselves as mere “distributors” in the sector. Our approach, way of doing business and solutions go beyond this… With our mission as the Digital Life Coach, we deliver the best brands and technologies to our customers and offer them solutions and services, including optimum after-sales care. We are working to generate value for all our stakeholders with our value-adding, focused mission of distributorship.

In describing our business, I would like to highlight the concept of “3 customers”. Because we are at the core of the process in which the product leaves the factory, reaches the consumer, and expires at the end of its useful life. This process has 3 main stakeholders consisting of producer, channel & operation, and end user. As Bilkom, we stand at the center of 3 different stakeholders and we cement these 3 stakeholders with mutual trust, digitalization, and value-added service understanding. We work to create value and efficiency for all stakeholders. This is the summary of our value-oriented way of doing business.

In which categories Bilkom is the market leader that works to improve the quality of life and make current technology accessible? What activities do you generally engage in?

We are the #1 distributor of smartphones, wearables, and tablets in the retail industry. According to the data of independent research institutions, we distribute Ti out of every 5 smartphones and tablets sold in electronic retail stores, and Ti out of every 4 smartwatches sold across Türkiye.

In the new period, we want to consolidate our current leadership position and move our leadership to new categories. We have recently added Meross in smart home systems and Razer in the gaming category to our brand portfolio, and both categories will be new areas for us to focus on.

Again, a very short time ago, we introduced the new TCL TV product family, which will be the pioneer of Google TV transformation in Türkiye, to the public with a spectacular launch effort. These products, the majority of which are domestically produced, will be the locomotive of our growth journey in the TV category.

Comparing your 5-year company average, it is evident that you have achieved a significant growth rate of 32 percent. Considering the pandemic has been wreaking havoc in markets throughout these years, what did you do to achieve your growth targets?

In the last 5 years, we sustained the growth of our business with the enormous sacrifice of our employees, the valuable companionship of our business partners, and the great interest of our customers. The contribution of our business partners and our strong sales channel was enormous for our success. We continued our growth journey by looking from the perspective of our customers, improving our business skills, and taking care to establish authentic and transparent communication with all our stakeholders, and especially with our employees.

In this period, we developed solutions and services for our business partners with the vision of being a value creating and focused distributor. We have produced solutions at the maximum level to ensure customer satisfaction with our reliable business partners with whom we have established strong cooperation in 81 cities in Türkiye.

During this time, we have stood by both our consumers and business partners with our solutions and services, such as mobile assembly, bigaranti, and Bilkom Online Open Platform. ‘Lonca Market’, the international award-winning indoor marketplace platform that we have implemented as one of our online innovation projects, has become yet another important target for us. All these solutions and services have emerged as an important symbol of our value-generating and focused service approach.

Please expand on Bilkom’s future objectives.

As a requirement of our ‘digital life coach’ mission, we will continue to offer up-to-date technologies to our consumers with the ‘Bilkom Assurance’ and our keen tech-savvy approach, and create value for our three customers that I mentioned above with the services and solutions we produce.

With our ‘Bilkom Plus’ basic business philosophy, where we aim to generate added-value to everyone we touch; we serve with a consultant-partner approach for our brands and keep creating value. We will continue to develop and implement innovative solutions in our business processes and services.

We are committed to strengthening our leading position in the consumer electronics market by expanding our product portfolio focused on digital and mobile life. Evaluating new opportunities meticulously within the scope of domestic production focus, we will continue our investments in areas of regional expansion, online channels, omnichannel distribution, and service sales.

What are the solutions and services offered by Bilkom, which has business partnerships with global giants such as Apple, Huawei, and Amazon?

The solutions and services we offer to our brands are grouped under the “Bilkom Plus” service package. These services include our value-added services for brands, and in this respect, Bilkom Plus is the difference we have created with the way we do business… These solutions and services include licensed domestic production, business development, channel program development, 360-degree brand management, customer-oriented services, and after-sales services. We continue to support our sales channels as a strong business partner with our solutions and services, such as mobile assembly, bigaranti, and Bilkom Online Open Platform.

What kind of activities do you engage in for new collaborations?

As Bilkom, our mission is to make current technology accessible to tech-savvy enthusiasts in Türkiye. We follow the latest technology and developments closely. Where technology is, we are there already.

As an honest and experienced business partner for sales channels, we always focus on establishing sustainable and long-lasting cooperation. Our ongoing operations promise efficiency and profitability for all stakeholders. In this respect, every step forward that we as Bilkom take on our growth journey is in fact a step further for both our brands and our business partners. Because as we get efficient business results day in and day out, the productivity and profitability levels of all our business partners also build up.

In the new period, we are committed to supporting our sales channels constantly, while expanding our product portfolio with new brands. We will expand our channels even more with new collaborations. While updating our processes according to fresh dynamics depending on consumer trends, we will continue to support the creation and development of concept/expert channels.

Can we get acquainted with Bilkom Sales Director Onur Başkan, who has an important role in Bilkom’s accomplishments?

I was born in 1973 in Istanbul. I completed my primary, secondary, and high school education in İzmir and my academic education at Anadolu University, Department of Statistics. My professional career started in the sales department at Akora Bilgisayar, and my whole career was shaped in this direction on account of my keen interest in this field. During my career at Data Teknik, in addition to my appointment in the sales department, I also worked as the Marketing Manager for about 2 years. Then I worked for Kont Bilgisayar as a Retail Sales Manager for 2.5 years, and finally, my path crossed with Bilkom in 2010. Until January 1st 2022, I took part in the sales operations covering a host of products from many categories in Türkiye as the Consumer Group Manager, and since the last New Year, I have been holding the position of Bilkom Sales Director.

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