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Bilkom Assurance

Bilkom Assurance represents a commitment of standing beside the customer; starting from the decision process for the purchase of a Bilkom product and covering all the steps of purchase, installation, use, development, repurchase.
Bilkom confidently stands behind every product it supplies with its long-standing insight and experience.


Bilkom Plus

At Bilkom, we add value to our business with the ‘Bilkom Plus’ approach by taking the value-added service understanding to a unique level for all our stakeholders ranging from our customers to our employees, our sales channels to the end consumer.
We operate with the understanding that we are “Consultant Partners” for our business partners and take our business to different dimensions with added values.


Bilkom Güvencesi

Koç Topluluğu’nun üstün hizmet yaklaşımından ilham alan ve şirketimizin ‘katma değerli ve odaklı distribütörlük’ anlayışını yansıtan Bilkom Güvencesi, bu etiketi taşıyan bir ürünün satın alma, kurulum,

kullanım, geliştirme, satış sonrası süreçlerinin tümünü kapsıyor. ‘Uçtan uca mükemmelliği’ esas alan bu güvence, tüketicilerle ‘birlikte yürüme vaadimizi’ ifade ediyor.

News from Bilkom

Bilkom Plus

Bilkom olarak müşterilerimizden çalışanlarımıza, satış kanallarımızdan son tüketiciye kadar tüm paydaşlarımıza, katma değerli hizmet anlayışını farklı bir boyuta taşıyarak ‘Bilkom Plus’ yaklaşımıyla işimize değer katıyoruz.
İş ortakları için “Danışman Ortak” anlayışıyla hareket ediyoruz ve işimizi artı değerlerle farklı boyutlara taşıyoruz.

Bizden Haberler
Bizden Haberler

Number 1 Distributor In
Electronic Retail Industry

Bilkom, with its more than 35 years of experience and expert staff, is one of the leading Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) distributors of our country, which directly and indirectly distributes the products of leading global brands to more than 4,000 points across Turkey.

Bilkom is a Koç Holding Company. Koç Holding is the only Turkish company in the Fortune Global 500 list.

The company works to improve the quality of life through technology and aims to make up-to-date technology accessible.

As of the end of 2020, 1 out of every 4 smart phones sold in electronic retail stores, 1 out of 5 tablets in the tablet category and 1 out of every 3 smart watches in the wearable technology category throughout Turkey are from Bilkom, strengthening the company’s number 1 position in the electronics retail industry.

Bilkom offers ‘Bilkom Plus’ services including licensed domestic production, 360 degree brand management, business development, channel program development, after-sales services, consumer experience management and customer-oriented services to outstanding and leading global brands such as Apple, Huawei, TCL, DJI, Fitbit (Google), Alcatel, Celly and Hypergear, which shape the digital and mobile transformation in the world today.

The main motivation for leading brands to choose Bilkom is its mission to become a ‘value-added and focused distributor’ rather than a traditional distributor.

Bilkom aims to be a ‘Digital Role Model’ company in the industry with its Digital Transformation projects implemented since 2016. Bilkom, keenly focused on human resources in digital transformation, combines digitalization with new business models with its employees 72% comprised of Y-Generation, ensuring employee satisfaction while driving productivity to the next level.

Bilkom ranked 105th in Fortune Turkey 500 and 132th in Capital 500; the company also received the ‘Best performing company in the last 3 years’ award in the Bilisim 500-2019 list.

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