Emotional for Juan to leave, because he has had so many good

Peace be upon the messengers. And thank Allah the god of everything)). His son and servant Muhammad.

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Manages the grip of the eternal light
Jagmala light in the kingdom………… The bright light of the La Hout
Yacamala in the horizon…………………

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My Muslim brother, my Muslim sister. If you invite yourself to disobedience to Allaah, then he will fast it, but you have five conditions. I accept a man to Ibrahim bin Adham..

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O Allah, deliver your great prayers upon the great prophet Muhammad and on his family and companions. Peace be upon him, peace be upon you, in which you have been delivered in every glimpse, soul, corn, galaxy, gaze, moment, hour, day, night, tree, tree, stone and fruit since the world was created until the Day of Judgment. Like the folds of times as many times as many of God’s highlights on the light of all of the light of all in the light of all with the light of all light In the name of God the Merciful * Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds * The Merciful * The owner of the day of religion * We worship and we seek You * I am the path of the righteous * The path of those who have been blessed with them, not angry with them nor the misguided.