Elle remonte en partie au XIe comme l’indique l’appareil en

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Gabriel went down to the Prophet and said to him: O Muhammad, God bless you and reward you with praise and honor, and say to you: Say to the Arabs, Our generosity, and tomorrow we hold him accountable for the little and much, and the fuse and the catamaran

Al-Orabi said: Or hold me accountable O Lord of Allah? The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) “He said to him:” And what is your Lord, O brother of the Arabs? “Al-‘Uraibi said:” My Lord’s calculations are on my sins, and I have rewarded him for his forgiveness.

The Prophet cried until his beard began to melt

The Prophet cried until his beard began to cry.

Say to your brother brother do not hold us accountable and we do not hold him accountable for your companion in Paradise

God forgive all of the transfer and spread and parents and do not deprive them pay you cream

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