Disappointed!”, ‘Disappointed’ was believed to be his stage

The first ‘setup’ stage is composed of a two step analysis. It first elaborates the collective benefits of activism as a means of achieving managerial accountability. Rational for any individual shareholder.

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This isn’t my world. Disappointed!”, ‘Disappointed’ was believed to be his stage direction, but it didn’t appear in the script. And was done as a joke.

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_ The master of martyrs Hamza bin Abdul Muttalib (and a man said the word right when the Sultan is unjust and killed) or as the Prophet (peace be upon him)

******* ********************************************** ************
Hamdak * to God * Who has committed from the sea of ​​Godk all smell and Ghad

The sky says: (Hallelujah raised me with his ability and I have strength is my corner and Emadi)
and the earth She said: (Subhanan from the cradle of Muhad and I make my eyes to Qusadi and Verdi)
and know him says: (Hallelujah of Delani and made me a reference to him and Maadi)
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