Digital Life Coaches


Because ( is the only platform which contains technical information about the leading brands of digital life, information videos, recommendations by digital life coaches for users entirely in Turkish and under Bilkom warranty.

Contents of the Portal

Prominent features of all brands and products distributed with Bilkom’s warranty in Turkey are available in the portal with convenient tips and video trailers. The Videos category contains “Watch-Learn”, “Digital Life Coaches”, “Fun Facts”, “From the Audience” sections, whereas the Trends category includes all technological and lifestyle news regarding digital life. Under the Support category, individual experiences are opened to discussion in the “Forum” section, and “Live Support” is provided via online chat system.

Here are some of the most gripping portal contents according to survey results:

How to Download an App in Appstore (Watch-Learn)

How to Personalize Your Mac (Watch-Learn)

Windows Drivers for MacBook Air (Watch-Learn)

Faster, Funnier, Easier; the World of Apple for Students (Digital Life Coaches)

Unhandicapped with iPad (From the Audience)

What Can Be Done Using Creative Cloud? (Fun Facts)

How to Sign Up

To sign up in the system which is designed for customers using products and services provided by Bilkom’s warranty, you can use the “key code” presented with the Bilkom warranted Apple, Adobe, Belkin or Graphisoft product you have purchased. Existing users can contact for key code requests.

You’ve Got Experiences to Share?

Feel free to get in touch with Bilkom to share your personal or corporate digital life experiences, tell your success story, and have it published in our “From the Audience” section on the portal. Please mail us at with your contact information and your brief story.