Contractors, suppliers and others


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Hermes Replica Belts Exclusive from Osha Middle East (OCHA Middle East) in cooperation with the Arab Association of Occupational Safety and Health Professionals

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The most powerful programs that qualify you to work with major oil companies and construction
Comprehensive program of occupational safety and health
——————— ——————
Our upcoming dates
Alexandria 7/11/2015
Cairo 31/10/2015
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The program can be obtained online and can be obtained for each individual session ————————————— Special discount for members of the Association

The student gets: – 27 certificates +5 Carnivals
14 Certified certificates from Osha Middle East
13 from the Arab Association of experts and professionals of occupational safety and health stamped with the eagle + fingerprint Egyptian Foreign
5 Carnival of the student documented by the Arab Society of Experts and Professional (s) —————————————-
00201285753678 (WhatsApp & Viber 00201008112161 ) To inquire / احمد
—————————————- > Comprehensive program:
—————————————- This program will target both:
—————————————- • Managers of organizations and organizations at the administrative levels • Those interested in crises and dealing • Operators and projects • Engineers • Maintenance and Operation Heads • Safety and Health Workers • Candidates for Occupational Safety and Health • Occupational Safety and Health Supervisors • Safety Managers, Heads of Departments, Engineers • Safety Inspectors, Safety and Occupational Safety Sections
• Operations, Maintenance and Personnel Supervisor
———————————– —— The program consists of 4 courses

——————————— ——— 1- OSHA General industry Safety standards in the general industry

2 OSHA Construction Safety standards in the construction industry 3 – Platinum certificate Platinum certificate in the Department of Azma Disasters
4- Safety Managk permit 17 – Safety Self-Inspections 18 – Safety audit and audit 19 – Investigations and incidentreports 20 – Emergency Action Plans > 21 – Emergency Preparedness
22 – Supervising and Leadership
23 – Replica Hermes Implementing and activating peace systems
24 – Peace management plans
25 – Records and models of peace
26 – Leadership and responsibility
27. Efficiency and training
28. Contractors, suppliers and others

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