“Connecticut committees must pay for their expenses for state

27 – Pray and bless Yasmina……. On who spoke to the dead and for the answer of the sallallaahu ‘alayhi (may Allah be pleased with him) who heard and heard the praise of things and the secret to keep hearing. O Basir…….

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Q 1: What is faith? A: Faith is: To believe in God and his angels and his books and messengers and the Last Day and the elimination of good and evil

Q2: How to believe in God Almighty? Allah is exalted with all qualities of perfection and majesty – – – -, all the qualities of the decrease.

Q3: Maalaslam?
A: Islam is to hand over all your things to God Almighty Acknowledgment of the tongue and the ratification of the heart
that all of our Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him the right to truth and to perform the duties of Islam and to bear witness that the God of God and that Muhammad is the Messenger of God.

Q4: Manukadh of Islam?
c : Nullifiers of Islam 10:
1 Polytheism in God 2 Who made between him and God mediators calls them and asks them Intercession and trusts them 3 Who did not disbelieve Replica Hermes the infidels or doubt in their disbelief or correct their doctrine He has disbelieved 4 of the thought that Huda, not the Prophet peace be upon him completed the gift of God’s blessings and the name or that the rule of others better than his ruling 5 of the most hated thing The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) came to him, even if he did a kufr. Hermes Handbags

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The opinion made an overall declaration about whether funds from the federally regulated account can be used to support or oppose candidates for state office. “The answer is that they may not,” the opinion said. “Connecticut committees must pay for their expenses for state candidates with money raised within the Connecticut campaign finance system it left open a number of complicated questions.

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