Carey’s extensive ‘Message from the Clouds’ promotion records

RGC continually used his planes for advertising with painted signage on the underside of both lower and upper wings as well as the rudders and nacelle. Carey’s extensive ‘Message from the Clouds’ promotion records cover War and Peace Loan flyers, Vacuum Oil Company, Wangaratta Woollen Mills, charity and sporting events, various traders’ association shop locally campaigns, Palm and Cubitt brand cars and Velvet Soap. Dodgers (leaflets) were scattered from the plane overhead as a novel marketing device similar to that of towing aerial banners or sky writing objectives today.

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This is WEEKENDS on ALL THINGS CONSIDERED from NPR News. I’m Rebecca Sheir. For most of us, beach food probably means things like hotdogs, hamburgers and lemonade on the boardwalk.

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Ho’s office to hear him but still couldn’t see him. “How many babies do you have?” he asked the Italian woman in English. (He’d received part of his medical training at a US military hospital in the ’30s and learned much about herbs and his first bit of English from a famous botanist, Joseph Rock, who’d lived in the area before World War II.) Then they moved on to her troubles stomach problems and backache.