By contrast, foreign workers have become the experts in this

O’Doherty’s “Parallax City (Rope Drawing 125)” (2016), a striking installation in which the walls and floor have been painted and the center of the room has been divided vertically by a rope. Judith Barry, another theorist of the art exhibition space (her 1986 essay “Dissenting Spaces” is cited in a gallery handout) is represented by a retooled version of a two channel video from 1978, while a third white cube thinker, Martin Beck (his essay “The Exhibition and the Display” is in the show’s handout), has a video with a Muzak like soundtrack at the front entrance and framed text and images upstairs. Mika Tajima’s playful wallpaper and colored plexiglass panels mix art with design; Hermes Payrhuber’s graffiti suggests a street vernacular; and Gerwald Rockenschaub deconstructs the Austrian flag with red and white plexiglass panels.”Dis Play/Re Play” demonstrates how, as Mr.

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Alicia Michelle Adams; Lauren Elizabeth Adams; Matthew Adams; Chelsea M. Ahlgrim; David R. Alba; Reg DeWayne Aldrich; Kristopher Darius Aliabadi; Joseph Aliwali; Kasi Erin Allison; Sharavana Nesan Amarnath; Beth Michelle Ammon; Alicia Ann Axcell; Charissa R.

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