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in 25 years kills at least 12

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Building for sale in Heliopolis in a street parallel to the street Nozha behind the Heliopolis and close to Salah Salem Street and the National Bank and there are all services and restaurants and close to St. Fatima total area of ​​land 385 m and buildings 160 m 4 free apartments and 6 apartments static old rent and the width of the street 18 m, a license to remove.. And a license to build land and 7 floors required 9 million and negotiable for the query 01003880561 or 01011101063 or 01004700591. Hermes Bags Replica

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Hermes Replica Belts Apartments 90 meter square Superlux
in front of the pyramid hospital with a new residential tower
✔kash = 265 thousand ✔qt = 275 thousand with a deposit of 150 thousand
Method of installments: a provider of 150 thousand and 8 installments every 3 months premium value 15,625 (2 years) ✌
Building Age: 2 years

Owner directly for ownership or investment
El Haram area – El Thawra Street – Farag Farrag corner – Tower of Dawn of Islam – in front of El Haram Hospital and next to Gawharet Al Ahram Hotel – For the street pyramid

finishing Superlux ready to live – the first housing
2 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms + 1 reception

جميع All the places in the apartment equipped with telephone, telephone, electricity, air conditioning, internet and intercom
المطبخ Kitchen and bathroom Ready to install gasket الملابس الملابس عمارة عمارة عمارة عمارة عمارة عمارة عمارة عمارة عمارة عمارة عمارة عمارة عمارة عمارة عمارة عمارة عمارة عمارة عمارة عمارة عمارة عمارة عمارة عمارة عمارة عمارة عمارة عمارة عمارة عمارة عمارة عمارة عمارة عمارة

. The price is inclusive of the elevator and there is a union of owners of the architecture.

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